Learn how to get better ChatGPT Prompts

Discover the key components of great ChatGPT prompts and what you need to do to get better ones. Learn how to use contextual hints, structure conversations, and more!


By adding a couple more lines, you can get much more interesting results!

ChatGPT prompts
Learn how to get better prompts with ChatGPT. Source: OpenAI.

ChatGPT has become a phenomenon and managed to bring Artificial Intelligence to the masses. Now everyone can make use of the ChatGPT prompts and get responses to pretty much any topic they have in mind. 

While you can use the AI chatbot to understand just about anything you request, there are plenty of more interesting ways to use the ChatGPT prompts. With a little more skill, you can get even more useful responses out of the bot. 

All it takes is a detailed instruction and you can get a ChatGPT response that is a little more complete than what most people are getting. To illustrate that idea, we’ve included a couple of examples below. Keep reading to learn how to level up your ChatGPT prompts.

Get responses in Tabular Form

If you want, ChatGPT can give you responses in tabular form. This is one of the most useful ChatGPT prompts as it can help you with information or to simply get creative ideas. 

You can use it to prepare meals, or even as a planner. You can even use follow-up prompts and the chatbot will make the changes as you request them. 

Use ChatGPT prompts to set an answer limit

ChatGPT prompts
You can set an answer limit to your prompts. Source: Adobe Stock.

ChatGPT is able to give you complete answers on many topics, and sometimes those paragraphs can get a little long. If you’re looking for shorter answers without needing to edit them, the chatbot AI can give you that too. 

When setting up your ChatGPT prompts, you can ask to narrow it down to a certain number of words or paragraphs. This works well when you need to condense information into a single paragraph.

Set up ChatGPT prompts to a target audience

One of the most interesting ChatGPT prompts is the ability to tweak your responses to a certain audience you may be speaking with. There are plenty of videos of this prompt online in which you can see a series of complex subjects explained to children. 

This prompt is simple, and especially useful for people who are trying to learn new subjects. For instance, you can request ChatGPT to explain how to solve a math problem as “if it’s speaking to a 10 year old”. 

ChatGPT – the A.I. chatbot that has gone viral

Have you heard of ChatGPT yet? If not, you’re missing out on the latest A.I. chatbot craze that has been taking over the internet by storm!

ChatGPT is a virtual assistant with extremely human-like conversations – so realistically that it’s hard to tell it apart from an actual person.

It can even respond with contextual understanding and emotions depending on how you interact with it, making for quite an impressive experience with each conversation. Curious to find out more about this revolutionary AI bot? Then check the link below!


ChatGPT – the A.I. chatbot that has gone viral

Artificial Intelligence chatbots are nothing new, but why is ChatGP gaining so much popularity since its launch in November? Read on to learn more!

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