The number one most expensive thing in the world

Look around and look for the most expensive thing you can see. It is nothing but a tiny fraction of the most expensive thing in the world. Read on to discover what is this thing and how much it cost.


What is the one most expensive thing you could buy?

couple stands between sports cars expensive things in the world
What is the most expensive item in the world? Source: Freepik.

When it comes to the luxurious habits of the richest people on the planet, what do you think is the most expensive thing in the world that a person can actually buy?

Certainly, that are a lot of things that cost millions or billions of dollars but have a specific function and can not be bought. For example, the International Space Station has cost more than $150 billion to be made. Even though the richest people on earth now have a net worth of $224 billion, he could not buy the ISS, although he could make one for himself if he want to.

Another ultra-expensive thing is antimatter. Seems like a sci-fi experiment, but it actually exists. It is a complex particle with the same energy as a regular particle, but the opposite. The process to make it takes so much effort that a gram of it will cost $62.5 trillion. But it is dangerous, and even if someone had that amount of money, one just can not buy antimatter. 

In this article, we will talk about things that a person can possess. If you happen to have this money, you can go and buy it. But I think you’ll be shocked at how much the most expensive thing in the world costs. I bet you couldn’t guess, or at least I couldn’t before making this research.


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What is the number 1 most expensive thing in the world?

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The most expensive thing is not an island but also stands in the water. Source: Freepik.

Before talking about the cost, let’s talk about the item itself. What do you think is the most expensive thing in the world that a person has actually bought?

Some people might think it is something with cutting-edge technology. Or something really big, like a mansion or a castle. Or even something really rare, like a precious stone or relic. But that is not any of these cases. The most expensive thing in the world is a yacht!

Ok, yachts are known for being pretty expensive, but this one is out-of-this-world expensive. The Yacht History Supreme was bought for $4.5 billion dollars.

Yes, you’ve read that right. If you’re wondering how big this amount of money is, I have a practical example. If you would count one dollar per second, it would take you more than 142 years to count $4.5 billion. That’s how much a 

The Yacht History Supreme is 100 feet large and has no impressive features when it comes to performance, efficiency, or innovation. The reason it is so expensive is the number of luxury items, that seem to be gathered together just to make it eccentric – and expensive.

The yacht has everything you can think about when it comes to unnecessary whimsy to be the most expensive thing in the world. It is covered in gold on the outside, as well as everything that’s usually made of metal, like handrail, door handles, stairs, and even the anchor.

On top of that, you can put walls made of meteorites, sculptures made of T-rex bones, diamonds, and gold on everything, from bottles to cellphones, aquariums, mirrors, etc. Nothing really useful, but certainly pretty luxurious.

Some believe the yacht is nothing but a myth. Maybe because it seems unimaginable. Or maybe because there is no trace of this yacht in the world and no one knows where it is or when it was last seen.

But you can find plenty of information and even pictures of it on the internet, including specialized websites and lists of the most expensive things in the world. Nothing but a harmless and fun clash between media channels.

Extra: the TOP 5 most expensive items rich people buy in the world

miu miu luxury store expensive clothes in the world
Rich people buy lots of expensive things. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you got here, you deserve a bonus. Let’s talk about the classical rich-people items and the most expensive in each category – excluding yachts.

Most expensive car in the world: Bugatti La Voiture Noire – $18 million

This entirely carbon black luxury sports car will catch attention everywhere. With more than 7 years of research to make it, its developers call it a piece of art in the automotive industry.

Most expensive watch: Graff Diamond Hallucination – $55 million

Would you walk around with a watch fully coated with rare diamonds that’s worth dozens of millions of dollars? Well, if you have that money to pay for a watch, you can pay for a security team to take care of you. This watch has 110 carats of colored diamonds with a quartz dial on the center. It’s not the most expensive thing in the world, but it’s surely very expensive.

Most expensive Champagne bottle in the world: Taste of Diamonds – $2.07 million

Actually, we could say it is the most expensive bottle in the world, as the champagne inside is not what makes it expensive. While made with excellent quality grapes, the bottle has an exclusive design with white gold and real diamond, which makes it a luxury item.

Most expensive hotel room: Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas – $100,000

The land of casino shows, and fun, Las Vegas has the most expensive hotel room you could find. Two nights at this hotel could buy a modest house to spend a whole life. It has two floors, a pool, a movie theater, art pieces, and much more.

Most expensive pair of jeans in the world: Escada’s Couture Swarovski Crystal Jeans – $7.500

There are many fashion items worth thousands or millions of dollars. But why would someone pay thousands of dollars for a pair of jeans? The answer is on the customized Swarovski crystals on it. Depending on the project, the cost could be usually as high as $10,000, but some pairs reached $27,000.

What do you think about the most expensive thing in the world? Is it worth it? Would you buy it if you could? If you’re on the way to becoming a millionaire, it will be helpful to listen to a billionaire’s advice. Read the following content to learn a little something with Bill Gates.

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