Are streaming costs affecting your budget?

Most people don’t realize it, but subscribing to a lot of streaming platforms can actually make a pretty dent in their budgets. If that’s something that is happening to you, learn a few things you can do about it.


See a few useful tips you can try to pay less for streaming without letting go of your favorite shows.

streaming costs
Learn how to cut down streaming costs. Source: Adobe Stock.

Most tech companies won’t share with you how you can save money using their services. For some, sharing is even frowned-upon, which is baffling when you consider the current streaming costs. If you feel like you’re paying too much on subscriptions, there are ways you can save money without foregoing your entertainment. 

For instance, there are many platforms who provide family plans. Others don’t really mind if you share your password with other people and even offer the option of adding them to your plan with different profiles. 

A good way to decrease your streaming costs and save some money is splitting the bill of expensive music, file storage and other subscriptions with a friend or with your family members. After all, if they’re all using it, it’s only fair to do so. 

A couple of years ago, everyone was glued to their television sets. Times have changed, and today that is no longer the case. Below, you’ll learn a few things you should know to help you cut down your streaming costs to a more comfortable level. 

You probably spend more on streaming than you realize

Streaming services are usually cheap, and when they feature a good catalog of movies and TV shows, you don’t think twice before subscribing. However, when you add these streaming costs up, you realize you’re paying much more than you first intended. 

The worst part of it all is that you’re probably not even using all your streaming platforms regularly. The rule should be as follows: if there’s a show or shows that you are currently watching, then you can keep the service. If not, cancel your subscription. You can always sign-up again if something you like comes up. 

You should also set a special budget for paid subscriptions and how much money you’re spending every month on them. And while you’re doing that, keep tabs of when payment is due.

Choose the right time to cancel

If you choose to cancel a subscription to cut down your streaming costs, you’ll have to choose the right moment. It can be especially annoying when you decide to cancel your plan and can’t do it because you’ve been hit by another charge. That’s why it’s important to know when every payment is due. 

Take those dates and add it to a calendar so you can check it before you decide to cancel your service. Then make a note to cancel it accordingly so you won’t have to pay for an additional month. 

Some streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will let you know when the next charge is due. However, there are others that simply don’t. Nevertheless, you won’t have to worry about that once you have those dates figured out. 

Before you cut down your streaming costs, see if there’s a discount

streaming costs
Check for discounts before you cancel. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’re unsure about unsubscribing to a streaming platform, go through with the cancellation anyway. These companies don’t want to lose you, so they might offer a discount rate for you to keep your account. Some might even offer a free month. 

Make sure to set a reminder for when that month is up. If even then you haven’t watched enough content to justify the subscription, it’s time to cut your losses. A discount rate isn’t enough if you’re not using the platform in the first place. 

You can always check your cell phone provider or credit card company to see if they offer said subscription for free. Some mobile companies have Netflix and Disney Plus services added to their plan. 

What are the best streaming services of 2022?

Do you want some extra help before cutting your streaming costs? In the link below, you’ll find a list of the best streaming platforms currently available. You can browse through it and decide which service offers the best value for your money. 

smiling couple watching film in bed with streaming service

What are the best streaming services of 2022?

Get the inside scoop on which company is offering the best streaming services today. Learn how to access your favorite TV shows and movies, while also saving money!

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