10 Most Fun TV Shows About Science

Watching Tv Shows about science is an excellent thing to do with your family to learn something new and have fun at the same time. Check some of the best options for you right now.


These fun TV shows will make you fall in love with science

The scientist in you will love these TV Shows. Source: Freepik.

Science is often seen as a dry, boring subject, but there are actually a lot of fun TV shows about science!

Whether you’re watching experts blow stuff up in the name of knowledge or following a team of researchers as they solve some of the world’s most perplexing mysteries, there’s no shortage of fun.

And that’s not even getting into all the fun you can have by doing science experiments at home.

Learn to love science with these fun tv shows.

Science is awesome. It’s responsible for many of the technological advances we take for granted in our everyday lives. 

But it can also be fun. Here are 10 TV shows that celebrate science and all its wacky wonder. You might learn something along the way!

10. NOVA

NOVA is among the most populars science tv shows – and the most fun too. Every week, millions of people tune in to learn about the latest discoveries in the world of science. 

The show covers a wide range of topics, from quantum physics to archaeology, and there is always something new to learn. 

In addition to being educational, NOVA is also fun. The hosts are witty and charming, and they make complex topics understandable for the average viewer. 

9. Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

Science can be really fun, and these TV Shows will prove it to you. Source: Freepik.

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage was a fun tv show about science that aired in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

The show was hosted by astrophysicist Carl Sagan, who took viewers on a universe tour, exploring everything from the Big Bang to black holes. 

Cosmos is widely credited with popularizing science, and it remains one of the most beloved tv shows of all time. 

Millions worldwide have been inspired to explore the cosmos thanks to Carl Sagan.

8. Brainiac: Science Abuse

“Brainiac: Science Abuse” was a fun, educational tv show from 2003-2008. The show was hosted by Richard Hammond, who often put himself in harm’s way to test various science experiments. 

While the show was sometimes controversial, it was always entertaining and informative. 

In one episode, Hammond used himself as a human crash test dummy to see how much force is required to break a rib.

In another episode, he set fire to his hair to demonstrate methane gas’s flammability. 

7. My Cat from Hell

“My Cat from Hell” is a fun tv show that combines behavioral science with animals. Each episode features a different family with a cat driving them insane.

Through patience and understanding, Jackson can get to the root of the problem and help the family find a way to live peacefully with their feline friend.

In addition to being highly entertaining, the show offers valuable insights into animal behavior.

6. Mythbusters

If you’re looking for a fun, informative TV show about science, you should check out Mythbusters.

The show features two hosts, Adam and Jamie, who test out various myths and urban legends to see if they’re true. 

They use various scientific methods to conduct their experiments and are not afraid to get their hands dirty (or blow things up!). 

Whether they’re testing out movie stunts or investigating historical myths, there’s always something interesting going on. 

5. Punkin’ Chunkin

The annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ competition has provided that particular entertainment brand for years. 

The competition started small, with just a handful of people hurling pumpkins off the back of a pickup truck.

But it quickly grew in popularity, and now teams from all over the country compete to see who can hurl a pumpkin the farthest.

In addition to being fun to watch, Punkin’ Chunkin’ also has a scientific component. Physics comes into play as teams try to build machines that can hurl a pumpkin hundreds or even thousands of feet. 

4. What Is That?

Watching science tv shows is a great thing to do with your family. Source: Freepik.

They say knowledge is power, but sometimes it’s just fun to know random facts about things. That’s the premise of the Science Channel’s 2013 series “What Is That?” 

In each half-hour episode, viewers are shown close-up images and unique perspectives of objects and substances from the natural world. 

There’s always something new to learn, from exotic animals to mysterious minerals. 

3. Outrageous Acts of Science

Science is often thought of as a stuffy, dry subject, but there are plenty of fun ways to learn about the world around us. And this is one of those TV shows that prooves that Science can be fun!

From building personal submarines to creating giant human hamster wheels, the show highlights the many ways that science can be used to achieve outrageous goals.

In addition to being fun and entertaining, Outrageous Acts of Science is also educational, teaching viewers about the principles of physics, engineering, and other sciences.

2. Science of Stupid

It’s always fascinating to see how different people can be when understanding basic science concepts. 

And, of course, it’s always fun to watch people fail miserably at simple tasks.

If you’ve ever wondered why someone would try to jump a car over a river or why someone would light themselves on fire, this is the show for you.

1. Duck Quacks Don’t Echo

Each episode explores an alleged fact that you can’t tickle yourself. Can you get elephantiasis from a mosquito bite? And how loud does a duck quack? 

The show’s panel of experts uses scientific knowledge and good old-fashioned experimentation to get to the bottom of these questions and more. 

Longest-running TV shows of all time

TV shows come and go, but there are a select few that have been on the air for years and years. 

Some of these shows have managed to maintain their popularity, while others have slowly faded into obscurity. 

In the following post, we are looking into a list of the longest running TV shows of all time. Enjoy!

young woman watcjing streaming service tv show

Longest running TV shows of all time

TV has been around for a long time, and these are the longest running tv shows that have ever graced our screens.

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