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See how to apply for the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card

Learn how to get the most out of your business with Chase's Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card. Discover all eligibility requirements, benefits, and more in this comprehensive guide.


by Vinicius Barbosa

Published on 05/14/2023

Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card: No annual fee when you spend over $10,000 in 3 months.

Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card
Learn how easy it is to apply for the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card! Source: Canva.

Want to learn how to apply for the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card? Look no further than this informative guide

Discover all the benefits and eligibility requirements in an easy-to-follow format. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your business.

Upgrade your business finances with the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card from Chase.

This versatile card offers exclusive benefits that save you time and money while keeping your business organized conveniently and flexibly.

In addition to a one-time welcome bonus of $1,000 cash back after spending $10,000 or more within the first 3 months, the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card offers ongoing rewards that set it apart from the competition. 

Earn 2% back on all business expenses, and bump it up to 2.5% on purchases of $5,000 or more. 

The travel benefits are just as exciting, including 5% back through Chase Ultimate Rewards® and 0% foreign transaction fees. 

Despite its $195 annual fee and Pay in Full requirement, the Flex for Business limit allows eligible purchases to be paid over time with a variable APR between 18.74% and 26.74%.

So, are you ready to watch your business blossom? Apply for the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card today.

Learn how to get the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card online

woman and baby working on a laptop
You can request this card online from your computer at home! Source: Chase.

Apply for the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card quickly and easily online through Chase’s official website. Simply go to their homepage, click on “credit cards”, and select “business credit cards”. 

Choose the Ink Business Premier℠ option and click “apply now” to begin the application process.

Fill out a standard online form with your personal and financial information and your business details, including revenue and estimated monthly spend. 

Carefully review Chase’s Pricing and Terms and Certifications before submitting your application.

You’ll receive an offer with your Flex for Business APR and spending power if approved. Sign the contract and wait for your new card to be issued and delivered to your address.

Activate it online or through Chase’s intuitive mobile app and enjoy its benefits.

How to get it using the app

Accessing the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card is now effortless with the free Chase mobile app. Simply download the app from your preferred app store and create your account. 

You can then navigate to the “credit cards” tab and follow the straightforward application process, similar to the online application method.

Should you encounter any difficulties, Chase provides a helpful built-in online assistant to guide you through the process.

Obtain the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card effortlessly and enjoy its many benefits.

What about a similar credit card? Check out the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

Looking for a credit card similar to the Ink Business Premier℠ Credit Card? Consider the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card. 

This card boasts an impressive sign-up bonus of 100k points – that’s $1,000 in cash back redemption value – when you spend $15k in the first 3 months.

Beyond the generous sign-up bonus, the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card offers a range of rewards, including 3x points per $1 spent on travel and eligible business expenses.

Plus, with a low annual fee of $95 and no foreign currency conversion fees, it’s a smart choice for savvy business owners.

Want to learn more and apply? Follow the link below to explore what the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card can do for your business.

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

How to apply for the Ink Business Preferred® Card?

Ready to up your business' rewards game? Learn the simple steps you need to take to get started with the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card!

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