Publisher issuing refunds over Bob Dylan’s replica signature on new book

The giant publishing company sold over 900 copies of what it was supposed to be a special edition of “The Philosophy of Modern Song” signed by the author – Bob Dylan. However, the signature is a penned replica, and now they’re refunding customers.


“The Philosophy of Modern Song” special edition was quickly sold out at $600 per copy.

Bob Dylan’s
900 copies of Dylan’s new book have replica signatures by the artist. Source: Adobe Stock.

Earlier this year, publishing company Simon and Schuster released a very limited edition of Bob Dylan’s new book. Entitled “The Philosophy of Modern Song”, the special edition had 900 issues which were advertised as ‘hand-signed’ copies by Dylan himself.

Despite the $600 price tag, the signed copies were quick to fly off the shelves. Now, Simon and Schuster is issuing refunds to all the customers who purchased the special hand-signed editions. Just shortly after admitting the books have a replica signature instead. 

In a recent Twitter update, the publishing company said that all 900 signed copies were a replica. They were generated by what is known as an autopen machine. These machines can recreate with impressive accuracy a person’s signature. Because of this, they’ll issue refunds for anyone who’s purchased the book. 

The company’s tweet also seems to suggest that they were not aware that the artist’s signature was created by an autopen machine.

They admitted the signed-copy was a replica in penned form. They also apologized profusely saying they were addressing the issue immediately. Now, they are providing a refund for everyone who bought the signed edition of Bob Dylan’s book. 

Company’s mistake outed by social media

Bob Dylan’s
The company is now refunding everyone who’s got the signed book. Source: Adobe Stock.

Speculation about whether or not the signatures were authentic began once customers started to compare their signed books on social media. Variety reported that more than seventeen variations were discovered. 

To add salt to the injury, all 900 copies of the book came with a note from Simon and Schuster’s CEO, Jonathan Karp, confirming the authenticity of Bob Dylan’s signature. 

In the note, Karp made sure to let customers know that there were only 900 signed copies of Bob Dylan’s “The Philosophy of Modern Song”. He also said that they were holding on to something special. He ended the note saying the letter was a confirmation that the book was hand-signed by the artist himself. 

“The Philosophy of Modern Song” is the newest literary adventure of one of the most prolific artists of our time. It consists of a series of anecdotes and essays regarding Bob Dylan’s discography and what inspired his entire career. 

Bob Dylan’s representatives did not issue any public comment on the publisher’s issue. Up until last week, signed copies were already put online for resale, with people charging as much as $6,000 for the edition. However, most were taken down in light of the situation. 

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