World Cup 2022 – where is it okay to purchase and drink alcohol?

The World Cup is usually a time of celebration for soccer fans all over the world, and that usually comes with a high alcohol consumption. However, if you’re attending the games in Qatar, there are several rules you’ll need to abide by. Read below for more.


Qatar is an Islamic country, so attendees will need to abide by their rules.

World Cup
World Cup fans will have to abide by Qatar alcohol restrictions. Source: Unsplash.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is 18 days away, and this year’s tournament will be very different from previous editions when it comes to alcohol consumption. Since Qatar is an Islamic country, there are some restrictions when it comes to drinking. Consuming, selling and serving alcohol has a high regulation in the country. 

According to reports from the UK Government, it is an offense to consume alcohol or to be drunk in public spaces. A World Cup attendee that disrespects that rule could be face prison up to six months. Plus, pay a fine up to almost $900. 

You cannot bring alcohol into the country as well, as it is illegal. For anyone going to World Cup games, alcohol will be available for purchase at licensed hotel restaurants and bars, but only for people over the age of 21. 

While the World Cup is happening – which will be from November 20 until December 18 – fans will also have the opportunity to purchase alcohol in designated areas. There will be vendors inside and around the premises of all stadiums before and after the matches. 

The Times of London reported that a fan area about two miles outside of Doha called the Arcadia Festival will serve alcoholic beverages for 19 hours a day. Serving hours should be between 10 a.m. and 5 a.m. 

However, fans will not be able to purchase or consume alcoholic drinks during World Cup matches, with the exception of hospitality boxes attendees. Shops will also not sell alcohol during this time. 

Qatar’s World Cup CEO, Nasser Al Khater, said in a statement that alcohol will be available to everyone who wants to consume it in designated areas. But they won’t be available in the streets. He also asked for visitors to stick to the designated areas. 

World Cup in Qatar also has other regulations

World Cup
Clothing and public behavior also have restrictions in the country. Source: Unsplash.

Purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages aren’t the only things that will change for soccer fans in the country. As per Qatar’s rules, fans should dress sensibly while in public. Women need to cover their shoulders and refrain from wearing short clothing. Both men and women are also advised not to wear sleeveless tops or shorts. 

Making rude gestures and swearing in public are considered obscene, and fans who do so can be jailed or even deported. According to the UK Government, public intimacy between a man and a woman could lead to arrests. Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, and punishable by death. 

Nevertheless, organizers have said that everyone is welcome. There will be no regulations taking place over LGBTQ+ couples staying in the same hotel room. Al Khater also stated that, during the World Cup, LGBTQ+ fans can hold hands without punishment. 

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