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See how to apply for the Avant Credit Card

Get pre-qualified today and receive a decision within 60 seconds without harming your credit score. There's no security deposit required and you'll get a $300 initial spending limit.


Avant Credit Card: The perfect solution for improving your credit rating

Avant Credit Card
Learn how to apply for a new credit card. Source: The News Stacker.

Apply for an Avant Credit Card and get the credit to improve your score. The process is easy, and you can complete it through any internet browser – no need for phone calls or trips to the bank! 


Credit Card

Avant Credit Card

accessible credit builder

Affordable annual fee to help you build a perfect credit score.

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Through a pre-qualification form, you can find out if you are eligible for the card in just 60 seconds without any hard inquiry on your credit score.

Plus, there’s no security deposit required to apply. With the $59 annual fee, you’ll get a $300 initial spending limit. 

Also, If you practice responsible use and pay your bills on time each month, you may qualify for a line increase by WebBank, which reports all payments to the three main credit bureaus monthly.

Learn how to get the Avant Credit Card online

Avant Credit Card
Apply online at Avant’s website. Source: Canva.

Applying for an Avant Credit Card is straightforward! First, access Avant’s website and click on “credit cards” on their home page. 

After submitting some personal information and your Social Security Number, you will have to create a login and password to access your account. 

Once this is done, check the box to continue with the process. 

After that, you will be asked to provide extra personal and financial details if you qualify.

Finally, if your application is approved, you should receive your card in no time at the address provided. 

How to get it using the app

You can manage your credit card account on their app. However, you can only apply for the Avant Credit Card through an internet browser.

What about a similar credit card? QuicksilverOne Credit Card

If the Avant Credit Card isn’t the right fit, don’t worry – you still have other cards available to apply for. 

The QuicksilverOne Credit Card is a great choice that offers rewards of 1.5% cash back on all purchases, and its $39 annual fee makes it an affordable alternative. 

Despite having a fair credit score or limited credit history, you can apply for this card and use it responsibly to strengthen your credit as time goes by. 

Also, Capital One CreditWise enables you to track your progress. And after 6 months of responsible use, they may even increase your spending limit! 

To top it off, customers also enjoy $0 Fraud Liability and security notifications. Which instantly alert them of any suspicious activity. Follow the link below to learn how to apply.

QuicksilverOne Credit Card

How to apply for the QuicksilverOne Credit Card

Applying for the QuicksilverOne Card from Capital One is easy! Learn more about the application process and find out if you're eligible.

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