The Rarest Video Games of All-Time

Find out which video games are so rare that they're near impossible to find. If a game is on this list, you can bet it's one you'll want to check out!


Find the most unique and hard-to-find video games right here

Let’s find out what is the rarest video-game. Source: Adobe Stock.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the rarest video games of all-time. Do you consider yourself a gaming enthusiast?

Did you know that there are some rare video games that are much harder to find than your average title? Keep reading to learn more!

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The most sought-after games in history

Have you ever played a video game that was so rare, you wondered if it even existed?

Chances are, if you’re into gaming, you’ve come across at least a few games that were limited-edition or extremely hard to find.

And while some gamers might be content with just playing the popular titles, there’s a special group of gamers out there who love seeking out the rarest games available. 

If that sounds like you, then prepare to be intrigued by this list of the rarest video games of all time!

1990 Nintendo World Championships Gold Edition

People have been playing video games together for many years. Source: Freepik.

Only 26 copies of the game are known to exist, making it a highly coveted item among collectors. 

The game was originally given out as prizes in a special gaming tournament held by Nintendo.

The winners of the tournament each received a copy of the game, which features a unique gold cartridge. 

In addition to the rare cartridge, the game also includes a special winner’s certificate and a set of trophy stickers. 

The game is not only rare, but also highly sought-after by gamers and collectors alike.

So if you ever come across a copy of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gold Edition, be sure to snaps it up!

Air Raid

Released in 1982 by Atari, only a handful of copies are known to still exist. The game is a simple shoot-em-up, in which players must defend a city from an aerial bombardment. 

Despite its simplicity, Air Raid was highly influential, and laid the groundwork for many subsequent games in the genre. 

Today, copies of the game are highly coveted by collectors, and can fetch tens of thousands of dollars at auction. 

Tetris for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive

If you’re a fan of classic video games, then you might be interested in learning about one of the rarest games out there: Tetris for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. 

This game was only released in Brazil, and it’s believed that there are less than 10 copies in existence.

The game itself is a bit of a mystery, as there are no records of it ever being officially licensed by SEGA. 

It’s thought that the game was created by a pirate company, which is why it’s so rare. 

European Kizuna Encounter

For the rarest of rare video game collectors, the European Kizuna Encounter is the holy grail.

This game was only released in Japan and Europe, and it’s speculated that less than 10 complete copies exist in the world. 

The game itself is a fighting game similar to Street Fighter, but with a unique twist: each character is controlled by two players, working together to defeat the opponent. 

Extra Terrestrials

When it comes to rare video games, few are more elusive than Extra Terrestrials. This rare Atari 2600 game was only released in 1984, and there are only four confirmed copies in existence. 

The game is so rare that its current value is estimated to be between $7,000 and $15,000. In 2019, one copy of the game was put up for sale for a whopping $90,000. 

So if you’re lucky enough to come across a copy of Extra Terrestrials, consider yourself very lucky – and very rich!

1992 Nintendo Campus Challenge

Some video games are worth thousands of dollars. Source: Adobe Stock.

The game was developed and published by Nintendo, and was released exclusively for the SNES console. 

It is a multiplayer quiz game that challenged players to answer questions from various academic disciplines. 

Only released in North America, it was available for purchase through university bookstores.

In recent years, the three known copies of the game have sold for over $4,000 at auction.

Red Sea Crossing

The Red Sea Crossing is one of the rarest video games in existence, with only two known copies in existence. 

The game was released in 1983 for the Atari 2600 and was developed by Steve Schustack of Inspirational Video Concepts.

The game is based on the biblical story of Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea. Players must guide their ship across the water while avoiding obstacles such as rocks and whirlpools. 

A copy of the game recently sold at auction for over $13,000, making it one of the most valuable video games in existence.

Nintendo Powerfest 1994

The game was released exclusively for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1994, and was developed and published by Nintendo. 

Powerfest 1994 is a multiplayer-only game that features four different sports games: Super Mario Kart, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, Super Soccer, and Tecmo Bowl. 

The game was available as a mail-in order exclusive to Nintendo Power subscribers, making it one of the most difficult games to find today. 

While the value of the game has fluctuated over the years, copies have sold for as much as $23,100 at auction. 

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