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See how to apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back

Discover what you need to know about applying for the Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card. This is a good resource if you want help with your finances or want cash back on purchases.


by Vinicius Barbosa

Published on 01/08/2023

Discover it® Student Cash Back: No annual fee and cash back rewards!

Discover It® Student Cash Back
A credit card with no annual fee and cash back: learn how to apply. Source: The News Stacker.

If you’re looking to apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back, you’ve come to the right place. With this credit card, you get rewards on your purchases while building up your credit score. 


Credit Card

Discover it® Student

no annual fee cash back

A student credit card can be excellent: cash back and no annual fee on this one!

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With Discover’s 5% cashback Match program, the Discover it® Student Cash Back will match the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year.

Discover monitors your FICO Credit Score for free, and there are no annual fees! 

Check our step-by-step on how to apply. Its features make it an easy choice if you’re looking for a great credit card.

Learn how to apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back online

Discover It® Student Cash Back
Apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back through Discover’s website. Source: Canva.

Ready to apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back? It’s easy! All you need to do is visit the Discover website, hover over “All Products,” and click on “Credit Card”.

From there, you’ll see the Discover it® Student Cash Back card listed as the second option. 

Then just click “apply now” and fill out a few required details to get started. 

Once this information has been submitted and approved, you’ll be able to start earning cash back on every purchase! 

With no requirements for minimum spend per month or annual fees, this is definitely a great way for students to save and start building credit too. So, apply now and get ready for some serious rewards!

How to get it using the app

To apply for a Discover it® Student Cash Back you must do it directly from their website. But once you get your new card, the Discover mobile app can help you manage your finances.

What about a similar credit card?

Looking to build your credit now that you’re in college and ready to take on the world? The Chase Freedom® Student credit card is the way to go. 

With great cashback bonuses available, your purchases will get you up to 5% back in rewards. Something even the savviest shopper can appreciate!

Plus, getting approved won’t break the bank: no annual fee and minimum payment requirement every month, so you can truly enjoy the experience of using a credit card without worrying about being overwhelmed with payments down the line. 

It’s all around win-win! Learn how to apply and get started today!

Chase Freedom® Student credit card

How to apply for the Chase Freedom® Student card

A student credit card can help you build your credit history. Here's a guide on how to apply for the Chase Freedom® Student credit card.

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