Some iOS 16 features won’t be readily available

At WWDC earlier this year, Apple promised a host of new features with their newest iOS update. However, that doesn’t mean they will all be ready when the upgrade drops. Check out which ones you’ll have to wait a little longer for.


The update arrives today, but users will have to wait a bit more for these features.

iOS 16
Check out the iOS 16 features that won’t be coming out today. Source: Apple.

The new iOS 16 update is undoubtedly filled with great new features for iPhone users. However, not everything announced at Apple’s WWDC earlier this year will arrive when the iOS 16 drops on September 12. While a few simply won’t work with older devices, others are just not a part of the initial release by Apple. 

You’ll most likely have access to them later in 2022 or during the first quarter of 2023 with iOS 16.1. Below, you’ll find some of these features that iPhone users will have to wait just a little longer before they can enjoy them. 

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Users were really looking forward to the ability of sharing one single photo library in their iCloud. While sharing albums is a known feature that’s been around for a while, the iOS update promises a single library you can share with your family. The idea is to have pictures and videos uploaded automatically. 

Most tech experts believed this feature would be available in Monday’s release, but apparently it has been cut. The company didn’t say exactly when they will release the feature. But it currently appears as “coming later this year” in the official iOS 16 website. 

Live Activities

Earlier when Apple announced the iOS 16 update at WWDC, the Live Activities feature caused a real commotion. What are they exactly? Basically a list of notifications with constant updates by specific apps. For instance, if you’re watching a sports match, it will have one continuously updated notification instead of one notification for every change that occurs. 

Like the iCloud Shared Photo Library feature, Live Activities was pulled at the last minute from the initial iOS 16 release. According to the official website, the feature should also come later this year, most likely with the iOS 16.1 update. 

Emergency SOS via satellite

iOS 16
Some features will arive later this year or early 2023. Source: Apple Facebook.

One of the most talked-about features with the new release is the ability to send short emergency texts via satellite. It works for when you’re out of range of cell phone towers or with no Wi-Fi. The function is slow and could take more than a few seconds to arrive. Nevertheless, it could be incredibly helpful in an outdoors emergency. 

However, Apple announced the feature won’t be readily available with the release of the new software. The company’s support document says it will come shortly though – in a software update coming in November. 

The iOS 16 update will bring a host of new features

If you’re out of the loop when it comes to the new iOS 16 updates, don’t worry. By following the link below, you’ll learn everything Apple’s bringing your way with their new iPhone 14 release. So make sure to read up and get ready for the company’s release later today!

iOS 16

The iOS 16 update will bring new features!

Apple's bringing a new software update in the next couple of months, and with it, a staple of new features. See more below!

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