See how to apply for the FNB Gold Business Card

Learn everything you need to know about applying for the FNB Gold Business Card, including what documents you need and how long it will take to get your card.


FNB Gold Business Card: Earn more value for money on qualifying purchases!

FNB Gold Business Credit Card
You can apply online for this versatile business credit card. Source: The News Stacker.

Ready to take your business to the next level? The FNB Gold Business Card can help you get there faster.

This card is designed to meet your daily needs, offering a range of features and benefits that are tailored for your business.


Credit Card

FNB Gold Business Card

cash back low cost

Flexible budget facility that adjusts to your profile!

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All you need is a FNB business account and you’re set. The card has a low credit facility service fee of R52.00 monthly and an initiation fee up to R175.00 depending on your business overall creditworthiness.

You’ll have access to eBucks Rewards for Business – a cash back program that gives you 2.5% back on qualifying purchases and up to 15% on fuel, prepaid airtime, and more.

The card also comes with a flexible budget facility and a series of free transactions.

The FNB Gold Business Card offers competitive and personalized interest rates according to your business individual profile.

On top of it all, you’ll also get free travel insurance by purchasing tickets with the card, and 24/7 Visa Global Customer Assistance Service. 

So keep reading to find out more about how to apply for this amazing financial product. We’ll let you know all the details about what it takes to request the FNB Gold Business Credit Card.

Learn how to get the FNB Gold Business Card online

FNB Gold Business Credit Card
Apply online to earn cash back rewards. Source: Canva.

Applying online for a FNB Gold Business Card is simple. However, as we mentioned before, you need a FNB Business Account to become eligible.

If you already have one, head over to FNB’s official website and login using your RSA ID Number and your cellphone number.

You’ll need to fill out an online form with all the information that’s required from the bank, like a mandate to appoint an authorized signatory, the ID of the authorized signatory and your personal data. 

Once you finish filling out the form, make sure you read the bank’s Terms & Agreement to have a better understanding of the product you’re signing up for. Submit your application and wait for a response.

If you’re approved, the bank will present an offer with your spending limit, your personalized rate and more.

By agreeing to their terms, you’ll need to sign the contract and wait for them to contact you via cellphone. 

Other ways you can apply

You can also apply for a FNB Gold Business Card by visiting a local branch with all the necessary documentation.

Other options include contacting your Relationship or Business Manager or calling FNB at 087 7 362 247. 

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To learn more about the NedBank Gold Credit Card, check the following link. We’ll also show you how you can easily apply for it!

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