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By utilizing FNB online banking, maximizing rewards with the right card becomes an effortless and intelligent approach to saving on purchases and receiving cashback.

FNB Premier Credit Card – Earn up to 15% in Ebucks rewards


Are you looking to maximize your rewards when shopping? If so, you should consider the FNB Premier Credit Card. With this card, you can earn up to 15% back in Ebucks rewards with every purchase and more. This powerful credit card also offers many other perks such as a low interest rate on purchases and balance transfers.

Get ready to reap the benefits. Check out what FNB Premier Credit Card has to offer today!

Perks on entertainment and cellphone data.
Up to 15% in Ebucks rewards.
Get unlimited swipes.
Travel benefits.

With an FNB Premier credit card, you can enjoy up to 15% in Ebucks rewards, plus preferential interest rates and repayment periods as short as 6 months. Plus, get Global Travel Insurance benefits included when you join!

FNB Premier is designed for those who earn between R84,000.00 and R449,999.00 annually that have a good credit score as well as being 18 years or older! All you need are some recent payslips plus three months of bank statements – then get ready to experience all the great perks this card has in store!

With FNB Premier, you can collect valuable eBucks when shopping for daily essentials like groceries at Checkers and health & beauty products from Clicks! Keep rewards rolling with convenient refuels at Engen too.

The FNB Premier Credit Card offers great deals on rewards and other perks. Learn how to take advantage of everything this card has to offer! Follow the link below for the application guide.

FNB Premier Credit Card

How to apply for the FNB Premier Credit Card

Learn about this top-of-the-line credit card and how to apply for the FNB Premier Credit Card today. Enjoy its rewards, benefits, and perks!

But if you want to look at another great opportunity after applying for your FNB Premier Credit Card, check out the African Bank Gold Credit Card. With this card, you can easily stay on top of your finances! 

You will be able to earn rewards from making prompt payments throughout the year through up to 3% interest back. Also you can also benefit from interest-free POS purchases for up to 60 days. 

And if you need some quick cash, you’ll have access to withdraw up to R4 000 every day from ATM’s near and far. Follow the link below to learn how to apply.

African Bank Gold Credit Card

How to apply for the African Bank Gold Credit Card

This comprehensive guide will show you how to apply for an African Bank Gold Credit Card. Read on to learn more.

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