See how to apply for the FNB Premier Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card with excellent rewards and benefits? Look no further than the FNB Premier Credit Card! Read our guide to learn how to apply.


by Vinicius Barbosa

01/16/2023 | Updated on 03/18/2023

FNB Premier Credit Card: Start earning rewards today!

FNB Premier Credit Card
Learn how to get this excellent credit card. Source: The News Stacker.

Get the best of both worlds with when you apply for the FNB Premier Credit Card. Enjoy exclusive discounts, free global travel insurance and access to an unbeatable rewards program. It literally pays to be a cardholder! 


Credit Card

FNB Premier Credit Card

rewards travel benefits

With this card, you can earn up to 15% back in Ebucks rewards with every purchase!

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If you want in on this incredible offer, check out our guide for how you can get your own application started today.

Learn how to get the FNB Premier Credit Card online

FNB Premier Credit Card
You can apply online or in the bank’s branch. Source: Canva.

To apply for an FNB Premier Credit Card is easy! Start by heading to their website and click on the “For Me & My Family” option at the top left corner of your page. You will be directed to a new menu. There select “credit cards” for further directions.

Then, on that next page, simply choose ‘Premier’ via clicking on its designated card before pressing ‘apply’ in the middle of your screen. 

Now you can start completing all necessary information requested, making sure not forget include your RSA ID number which is used as part of verification processes with existing customers in FNB’s banking records. 

Once submitted successfully you just have wait patiently while they review application; and may even request extra docs if needed during this time period!

Other ways you can apply

Looking to apply for an FNB Credit Card but already have an account? Check the app, you may be one step closer! 

Simply start a conversation with InContact, and expert online bankers will guide you through the rest of your application.

What about a similar credit card? Check out the African Bank Gold Credit Card!

With an African Bank Gold Credit Card, you can make the most of your money! Put those bills on your card and reap the rewards of getting interest back. Plus, your POS purchases stay interest-free for up to 60 days. 

Transaction made easy with Connect Online for free so you’re always in the know about all charges. All this, and you can withdraw up to R4 000 a day without a fuss – and even receive SMS updates with each transaction! 

Get ready to take control of your budget with all these fantastic features and benefits. Learn how to apply below.

African Bank Gold Credit Card

How to apply for the African Bank Gold Credit Card

This comprehensive guide will show you how to apply for an African Bank Gold Credit Card. Read on to learn more.

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