See how to apply for the Titanium Credit card

Unlock the power of benefits and finance freedom with a Standard Bank Titanium Credit Card. Learn more about what this exclusive card offers and get started on your journey toward financial success by following our easy application guide!


Titanium Credit card: Exclusive cashback deals on hotel bookings!

Titanium Credit Card
Learn how to add this credit card to your wallet. Source: The News Stacker.

Upgrade your lifestyle and apply for the Titanium Credit Card today! 

This card offers exclusive benefits such as cashback deals for domestic and international hotel bookings.


Credit Card

Titanium Credit Card

insurance mastercard

Enjoy discounts, insurance benefits, and unique lifestyle perks.

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Also, free basic travel insurance when booking flights, ProGifts purchases at a 10% discount (on purchases of R300 or more), flight savings of up to 20% with Emirates, and car rentals at 15% off through Avis. 

Plus, all this comes at an affordable rate of only R82 a month (with no monthly fee if bundled with Prestige Banking). 

All it requires is a one-time initiation fee of R180, so apply now to make the most out of these great offers.

Learn how to get the Titanium Credit card online

Titanium Credit Card
Access Standard Bank’s website to apply for your credit card. Source: Canva.

With Standard Bank’s convenient online application, getting your hands on the Titanium Credit Card is easier than ever. 

On their website, navigate to the “Personal > Products and Services > Credit Cards” page and scroll down to find the Titanium Credit Card. 

Click “Tell me more” for in-depth information regarding fees and eligibility requirements, then once you’re ready to apply, click “Do I qualify?” 

Follow the prompt to fill out your details, and if you meet all conditions, you can submit your application immediately. With such an easy process, you’ll soon be taking advantage of this card’s luxury perks.

Other ways you can apply

Managing your finances is a breeze with the Titanium Credit Card. Simply apply online, and you’ll be able to access all of your accounts through the bank’s app anytime, anywhere. 

Keep tabs on spending by tracking balances and transactions; even send secure payments while on-the-go!

What about a similar credit card? Check out the World Citizen Credit Card

Standard Bank offers many great credit cards for people who love to travel. Before you apply for the Titanium credit card, take a look at the World Citizen Credit Card.

This black card provides impressive benefits such as up to 20% off flights with Emirates through Leisure Desk, 25% rental car and chauffeur discounts from Avis, and 10% savings at select luxury stores like Hirsch’s and All when using your credit card. 

Plus, this comprehensive travel insurance policy covers baggage loss/delays or trip cancellations of up to $7500. making it ideal for those who value convenience & savings on their international trips! Follow the link below and learn how to apply.

World Citizen Credit Card

How to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card! This card is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy luxurious experiences.

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