See how to apply for the Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card

Applying for the Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card is easy! Follow these simple steps and you could be enjoying its benefits in no time!


Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card: A valuable companion to take you through college!

Quicksilver Rewards Students
See how to apply for this credit card. Source: The News Stacker.

Do you have the ambition to become a savvy college student when it comes to budgeting, saving money, and getting the most out of your purchases? When you apply for the Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card, you get that and much more.


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Quicksilver Students

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A credit card designed for students with a rewards program and no annual fee.

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The Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card is the perfect way to start building your credit and reap the rewards in no time. With it, you’ll get 1.5% cash back on every purchase – no matter how big or small. 

You can also get 10% back on Uber and Uber Eats purchases, and 5% back when you book your travels through Capital One’s travel program.

The card has no annual or foreign currency conversion fees, and offers easy redemption options for your rewards. 

The purchase rate and balance transfer APR vary according to your creditworthiness and range between 19.24% – 29.24%.

Therefore, it’s important to always pay your balance in full by its due date every month to avoid interest.

The card is available to people with a limited credit history and a fair credit score. To qualify, you must be enrolled at a 4-year university, community college or other higher education institution. 

So if you fit the bill and would like to enjoy the many perks this card has to offer, keep reading the content below to learn how you can easily and quickly apply for the Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card!

Learn how to get the Quicksilver Rewards for Students online

Quicksilver Rewards Students
the online application will not take you much time. Source: Canva.

You can easily apply for the Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card in a few minutes just by visiting Capital One’s website.

Before you do so, make sure you can qualify since this is a product designed specifically for students. 

Visit Capital One’s website and select “credit cards” on the top menu. Then, click on “student rewards”. Locate the Quicksilver Rewards and scroll down.

You can either check if you’re pre-approved with no harm to your score, or apply to it directly.

If you chose the latter, click on “apply now” and fill out the online form with all the required information. This includes your personal, financial, educational, and contact details.

Read their Important Disclosures and check all necessary boxes. Then, click on “continue”.

Capital One will review your application and, if you’re eligible, make you an offer. If you agree, sign the electronic contract and wait for the card to be issued to your address.

Once you get the card, you can activate it online, onCapital One’s mobile app, or over the phone.

If you can’t qualify for the Quicksilver Rewards, Capital One may consider your application for another one of their credit products. This process will not cause a second hard inquiry to your credit profile. 

Learn how to get it using the app

You can also apply for the Quicksilver Rewards for Students Credit Card from anywhere using the Capital One mobile app. First, download the app from your device’s respective app store.

Once you open it, select the “Sign In” option and enter your credentials if you already have an account with Capital One. If you don’t, select “Sign Up” and follow the simple steps to create an account.

When your account is set up or you log in, select Quicksilver Rewards for Students Card from the list of available cards. Fill out the application form with your personal information and submit it.

How about a similar credit card?

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Check out the following link to learn everything about the Discover it® Student Cash Back Credit Card’s features, benefits and drawbacks. We’ll also show you a complete guide on how you can apply for it!

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