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Citi Custom Cash℠ Card review: Up to 5% cashback!

The Citi Custom Cash℠ Card is an excellent product for anyone who likes to earn rewards without worrying about those pesky annual fees. Check out our full review to learn more about it!


Citi Custom Cash℠ Card: The perfect card for custom spending!

Citi Custom Cash℠ Card
Learn how to customize your rewards with the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card. Source: The News Stacker.

This Citi Custom Cash℠ Card review will show why this is a great choice for anyone looking to make the most of their everyday spending.

With this card, you can earn rewards on every purchase and cash them in whenever you want.

Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

See how to apply for the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

If you’re ready to enter a new world of cash back rewards, check out how you can easily apply for the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card online!

  • Credit Score: A credit score above 700 is encouraged.
  • Annual Fee: There’s no annual fee attached to this card.
  • Intro Offer: New cardholders will be able to enjoy a $200 cash back bonus after spending just $1,500 within the first six months from account opening. 
  • Rewards: 5% back on the eligible categories up to $500 each quarter. Then, 1% back in all purchases. There’s no activation required. 
  • APRs: Card members can enjoy a 0% introductory period for 15 months on both balance transfers and purchases. Then, a variable 17.74% – 27.74% applies. The APR for cash advances is a variable of 28.99%. 
  • Other Fees: The card charges a 3% foreign transaction fee, a 5% cash advance fee, up to $41 on max late fee, and a 29.99% variable penalty APR. 

This is the perfect product for everyday life. With one simple card, you’ll get a 5% return in selected categories each quarter up to a maximum.

Once you reach that limit, you’ll still earn a flat 1% return on everything you buy. 

But that’s not all it has to offer. Keep reading our Citi Custom Cash℠ Card review below to learn more details about the card.

You’ll soon understand why this is one of the top cards to have in your wallet. 

Citi Custom Cash℠ Card: What can you expect?

With the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card, you can expect to experience a credit card’s convenience without worrying about complicated reward systems or annual fees.

This card offers straightforward cash back rewards on all purchases with no activation required. Just use your Citi Custom Cash℠ Card as you normally would and watch the savings add up.

The card also offers competitive interest rates to keep your costs low.

New members can benefit from an introductory 0% APR period of 15 months for both balance transfers and new purchases (then, the variable 17.74% – 27.74% applies).

Plus, you can easily manage your account with Citi’s online banking platform and mobile app. With the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card, taking control of your finances has never been easier.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

couple using Citi Custom Cash℠ Card for online purchase
Use this card in every purchase to earn more rewards. Source: Canva.

Before signing up for this card, you have to evaluate whether the advantages are greater than the drawbacks.

So see below for the pros and cons of our Citi Custom Cash℠ Card review. 


  • New members have the chance of getting a $200 initial bonus after meeting the spending requirements;
  • The ability to earn a 5% cash back rate on rotating categories up to $500 each quarter. Then, a flat 1% rate on all purchases;
  • Maximizing your rewards and saving money in the process with the lack of an annual fee;
  • A lengthy 0% APR period, perfect for big purchases or consolidating credit card debt by making balance transfers.


  • The top spending categories have low spending caps, at only $500 quarterly;
  • The card isn’t the best companion abroad since it charges foreign fees;
  • Depending on your creditworthiness, you could have a high APR once the intro period ends.

What are the eligibility requirements?

The Citi Custom Cash℠ Card is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple yet rewarding credit card.

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the United States.

You must also have a satisfactory credit history and not be subject to any bankruptcy proceedings.

Applicants must provide proof of income and valid identification. Applicants should also expect to go through a credit check to determine their eligibility.

Learn how to request the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

Did this Citi Custom Cash℠ Card review make you interested in applying for the card? Then check the following link for a complete walkthrough of the application process.

You can easily request the card online, and we’ll show you how.

Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

See how to apply for the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card

If you’re ready to enter a new world of cash back rewards, check out how you can easily apply for the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card online!

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