Finding remote work now is easier than ever

Ever since the pandemic, remote work has become sort of the norm. Plenty of companies decided to keep it that way even now that things are stabilizing. Check below to see which firms are hiring new personnel to work from anywhere in the world.


Companies are offering “work-from-anywhere” positions, with 100% flexibility.

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You can work remotely from anywhere in the world with these companies. Source: Unsplash.

For those who dream of never commuting to an office again, or to travel the world while working, a “work-from-anywhere” job is the ideal solution. These types of remote work are becoming more popular, and consequently, easier to find. 

Even though the amount of companies that offer remote work have increased significantly because of the pandemic, most policies still fail to provide complete flexibility. According to a FlexJobs study, about 95% of remote jobs still have geographic requirements. 

However, in a work-from-anywhere job, people have a chance to find remote work where they can be 100% anywhere in the world. They are completely independent of fixed locations and, in some cases, specific time zones. 

If this type of remote work is something that you’re interested in, FlexJobs listed 10 companies that are hiring right now. Check below to learn what they are and what kind of positions they are offering. 

  • Big Time Studios
  • Cash App
  • Clipboard Health
  • Coalition Technologies
  • ConsenSys
  • Omnipresent Group
  • Protocol Labs 
  • Ripple Labs 
  • Trafilea
  • Wikimedia Foundation

All these companies listed above are currently offering full or part-time remote work that do not require any specific location, time zone or appearances at their offices. 

Remote work is a reality in a series of companies

remote work
Plenty of companies are prioritizing remote jobs. Source: Unsplash.

There are a few companies in the list above that have given preference to remote work from anywhere in the globe long before the covid pandemic. Coalition, a company based in Los Angeles, has allowed its employees to perform remotely for over a decade. 

According to FlexJobs data, the industries that offer more remote jobs are accounting, finance, marketing and tech. The most in-demand positions for remote work revolve arounc software engineer, executive assistant and copywriter. 

A lot of these remote jobs where you can perform anywhere have great salaries too. Most pay over $100,000 a year. A smart contract developer for Delphi can get between $125,000 and $150,000 annually, which is the same pay for a senior gameplay engineer at Steel Wool.

Kathy Gardner of FlexJobs says that the two main skills most companies look for in order to provide remote work are communication and time management. She states that these jobs, while flexible, don’t come without certain demands.

Employees need to be able to work effectively and efficiently with people online and in different time zones. Doing so requires a certain degree of emotional intelligence, and a good grasp in how to build strong relationships.  

Ultimately, remote work requires that the employee is able to show maturity and responsibility. Plus, the ability to thrive in an environment where you don’t have to be present in a physical manner. 

Make working from home more comfortable

As entire offices move from traditional setups to remote work from home arrangements, it’s important for those adapting to the change to create an environment that provides maximum comfort and productivity.

Working from home doesn’t have to mean cooped up in a cluttered makeshift office; there are plenty of ways you can make your space more comfortable, enjoyable and encouraging of creativity.

In the link below, we’ll discuss how you can easily transform a workspace into one that will inspire you throughout the day! So keep reading to learn more.

how make money from home teens

Make working from home more comfortable

Find out which products will help you stay comfortable, healthy, and productive while working remotely. See below for our carefully curated list.

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