Get more fit with 15 minutes daily exercises

Do you want to get fit, but don't have time for the gym? Try these quick workouts that will help you stay healthy and make it easy for you to take care of your body.


Get started on your fitness journey even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare

couple get more fit runing
Get more fit with just 15 minutes of exercise every day. Source: Canva.

For a lot of people, managing to fit in a daily visit to the gym is nearly impossible. Would you like to get more fit, but you can’t seem to find the time to do it?

After long hours at work, taking care of children, cooking dinner, and whatnot, sometimes calling the day is the most appealing thing left on the schedule.

But there’s a way to get more fit, and it doesn’t take too much of your time. Exercising for just 15 minutes a day can have a big impact on your health.

While it may not seem like a lot, there’s plenty of research to back that up. You can speak with any fitness experts, and they will tell you that it makes a difference. 

After all, any amount of exercise still beats not exercising at all. If you’re new to fitness, spend a lot of time sitting down at work, or haven’t been active in a while, you can get more fit with a 15-minute exercise.

Which is probably the best way to start regardless. There are plenty of studies that recommend starting slow when it comes to fitness. Between 10 to 15 minutes of daily activity is enough for newcomers. 

Whether it’s something simple like a walk or something a little more intense, these short workouts can help you get more fit and bring a host of benefits to your body.

Additionally, starting slow can help you establish a routine in your daily life. 

The important thing is to take your time to figure out what works best for you. Below, you’ll find some suggestions of short workouts to help you get more fit. 

Do you want to get more fit? Start simple

couple get more fit exercising
You don’t need to exercise for many hours a day. Source: Canva.

When you don’t know where to start, walk. Walking is an incredible way to move your body without overwhelming it.

You can easily add 15 minutes of it to your daily routine even if you’re new to exercise. It’s simple, effective and will surely help you get more fit. 

The benefits to a simple walk are plenty. For one thing, it’s a low-impact form of exercise, so it’s easy on your joints.

It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and Vitamin D, both of which are important for good health.

You don’t need any special walking shoes, but it is important to wear comfortable shoes that offer good support.

If you have joint problems or are carrying extra weight, you might want to invest in a pair of walking shoes with extra cushioning.

However, if you’re relatively fit and just starting to get into walking as exercise, any comfortable pair of sneakers will do.

As for the weather, there are no hard and fast rules. If it’s hot out, walk early in the morning or evening when the temperature is cooler. If it’s cold out, dress in layers so you can adjust if you get too warm.

And if it’s raining? Umbrella up and enjoy the fresh air! Ultimately, the best time to walk is whenever you can fit it into your schedule.

Walking burns calories, so it can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. But that’s not all! Walking can also help reduce stress, improve your mood, and boost your energy levels.

Plus, it’s an excellent way to get out and explore your community.

Other 15-minute workouts to help you get more fit

If you don’t feel like walking or if you want to take up a different challenge, there are other exercises you can try to get more fit. You can still fit all of them in 15 minutes, and they have different fitness levels to choose from. 

Get more fit with yoga

If you’re looking to get more fit, there are plenty of options for 15-minute workouts that can help you get started. One great option is yoga. Yoga is a great way to improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

Besides, you can do it anywhere, making it a convenient workout for your busy schedule.

There are plenty of online yoga classes available, so you can start without having to go to a studio. Most classes are suitable for all levels, so you can find one that’s perfect for yours.

HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) 

man get more fit at home
You can exercise at home to save commute time. Source: Canva.

Another option is High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT. With HIIT, you alternate between periods of intense activity and periods of rest. For example, you might sprint for 30 seconds, then walk for 60 seconds.

The key is to push yourself during the active periods so that your heart rate is elevated. HIIT has been shown to be an effective way to get more fit in less time, and it’s also great for burning fat.

So if you’re looking for a workout that will help you get more fit in less time, HIIT is definitely worth considering.

Just make sure to warm up before you start and cool down afterwards, and listen to your body to avoid overdoing it.

Bodyweight workouts can help you get more fit

Bodyweight training is a great way to get more fit in a short amount of time. By using your own body weight for resistance, you can do a variety of exercises that work multiple muscle groups.

This makes them ideal for home workouts, as you don’t need any equipment other than yourself. Plus, they’re highly effective at building muscle and burning fat.

Some examples of bodyweight exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, and lunges.

Full-Body Workouts

These workouts typically involve exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. Because they target multiple areas of the body, full-body workouts can be an efficient way to get more fit.

There are a number of different ways to do a full-body workout. One option is to choose a series of exercises that target different muscle groups and do them one after the other with little to no rest in between.

Another option is to do circuits, which involve completing a set of exercises for one muscle group before moving on to the next.

Circuits can be especially effective if you’re trying to get more fit in a short amount of time.

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