How to unblock someone on Snapchat.

Find out how to unblock a person on Snapchat. Learn how you can re-establish contact with your friends and family.


A step-by-step guide to unblocking someone on Snapchat

Using Snapchat can be fun, but what can you do if someone is annoying you? Block them! Source: Adobe Stock.

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app that allows users to send images and videos to their friends.

The app also offers a variety of filters, lenses, and other features that can be used to customize photos and videos.

When a user sends a snap, it will disappear after a certain amount of time unless the recipient takes a screenshot of the image. 

To use Snapchat, you must create an account and add friends. Once you have done this, you can start sending snaps.

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There’s no question that Snapchat has revolutionized the way we communicate.

Whether you’re sharing a funny meme with a friend or sending a disappearing photo to a romantic interest, the app offers a unique way to connect with others. 

But sometimes, someone can get a little out of touch. 

Let’s say Grandma is getting a little too snap-happy, and you need some time to yourself or are scrolling through your Snapchat feed when you come across a Snap from your ex.

Or maybe you’re fed up with all the baby photos your cousin keeps posting. 

If you’ve ever found yourself needing to take a break from someone on Snapchat, you may have considered blocking them.

But what happens after that break? How do you unblock that person? Keep reading to find out.

Can you unblock someone on snapchat?

woman holding hands up blocking someone
Block someone is easy, but unblocking is not. Source: Freepik.

It’s the digital equivalent of getting punched in the face – you suddenly can’t see that person’s posts or follow them anymore.

For many people, being blocked on Snapchat is a confusing and frustrating experience. 

Let’s say you’re on Snapchat and come across a user that you find annoying. You can block them, which means they will no longer be able to see your snaps or communicate with you in any way.

But what if you change your mind? Can you unblock someone on Snapchat? The answer is yes…with a few caveats.

First, you can only unblock someone if they were originally added to your Friends list. Second, unblocking someone does not automatically add them back to your Friends list you will need to do that yourself. 

And finally, unblocking someone does not restore any snaps that they may have saved while they were blocked.

So if you’re considering unblocking someone on Snapchat, just be aware of these potential limitations.

Friend, I need you back! How to unblock someone:

If you’ve blocked someone on Snapchat, you can unblock them using the following steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat app. If you’re not logged in, tap login and enter your user data before continuing.
  2. Tap your Bimoji in the top left corner. If you don’t have a Bimoji yet, it will appear as a silhouette icon.
  3. Tap on the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner.
  4. Under “Account Actions,” tap on “Blocked.” A list of blocked people will appear.
  5. Tap on the X next to the person you want to unblock.
  6. Tap on “Unblock” to confirm.

Once you’ve unblocked someone on Snapchat, they can view your snaps and messages again.

However, note that they will not be notified that you’ve unblocked them; it will simply appear as if you never blocked them in the first place.

However, remember that unblocking someone does not automatically add them back to your friend list. If you want to be friends with them again, you’ll need to add them as friends. 

Here is some more information about blocking on Snapchat.

What happens when you unblock someone on Snapchat? Can they see all the snaps you sent them while they were blocked?

And what happens to your snapstreak if you unblock someone? Let’s answer these questions and more.

When you unblock someone on Snapchat, it means that you will be able to see their snaps, and they will be able to see yours.

However, any snaps that were sent while you were blocking each other will remain hidden. 

So, if you’re worried about what someone may have seen while you were blocked, don’t worry – they didn’t see anything!

As for streaks, unblocking someone doesn’t affect them at all. If you and the person you unblocked have a snapstreak going, it will remain intact.

However, if either of you blocks someone else during the streak, the streak will be broken.

Is there an alternative to blocking?

unfriend button block someone
You can unfriend instead of blocking. Source: Freepik.

If you’re fed up with someone on Snapchat, you can always block them. But is there an alternative to blocking people on Snapchat?

One option is to delete the person from your Snapchat friends list simply. This will prevent them from sending you snaps or seeing your story.

However, they will still be able to view your public profile information.

Another option is to add the person to your “Restricted” list. This will prevent them from sending you snaps or viewing your story, but they will still be able to see your public profile and send you messages.

Finally, you could simply silence their notifications. That way, you can keep them on your friends’ list and still avoid seeing their messages and snaps. 

Of course, this option won’t work if you’re trying to avoid someone who also has your phone number, but it’s a great alternative for those times when you just need a break from someone’s snaps.

If you’ve ever needed to take a break from someone on Snapchat, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s a way to reverse that.

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