Ozzfest held at the Metaverse Music Festival 2022

The Metaverse Music Festival held its second edition this year and had over 100 artists and performers making use of the Web3 technology to reach new audiences.


The Prince of Darkness brought his metal festival to the virtual world this year.

Metaverse Music Festival
Meet the MVMF from Decentraland. Source: Decentraland.

Ozzy Osbourne and Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister were among the acts headlining the 2023 edition of the metal festival Ozzfest. Albeit, in a very peculiar way. The event, which is responsible for launching the careers of bands like Slipknot, System of a Down and many others, took to Decentraland stages in early November in their Metaverse Music Festival.

The 2023 Ozzfest edition in the virtual world also included performances by Skid Row and Megadeth, among other metal bands, through special music videos. This year’s event was part of the sophomore edition of the MVMF offered by Decentraland. 

The metaverse company is currently the world’s biggest user-owned virtual society. This year’s edition of the Metaverse Music Festival featured more than 100 artists from different genres and across uniquely crafted stages made by the community. 

The festival had a new Web3-enabled music experience which was impressively immersive. Partnered with Kraken, the Metaverse Music Festival was a free event for all. Users didn’t even need a ticket, headset or VR to watch the shows. 

In a statement previous to the event, Ozzy Osbourne said he was thrilled to bring Ozzfest into the Metaverse. The Prince of Darkness went on to say it’s a great way for him and the other bands on the line-up to reach new audiences in an innovative way. 

Music Festivals in the Metaverse are growing in popularity

Metaverse Music Festival
Ozzfest held its first Metaverse edition in 2022. Source: Ozzfest.

Decentraland hosted its first Metaverse Music Festival back in 2021, which had over 80 artists in the line-up. Amongst the performers were deadmau5, Alison Wonderland and Paris Hilton. During the four-day festival, more than 50,000 people joined in on the fun. 

Ever since then, big artists such as Grimes and Jason Derulo have embraced the world of virtual performances. It even led to MTV creating a new metaverse category to their Video Music Awards this year. 

The Metaverse Music Festival also featured a host of people who are looking to redefine the music industry through the world of Web3 technology and Artificial Intelligence. This year, Decentraland made use of the latest technology to provide users with a unique experience – one that’s only available in the metaverse. 

Decentraland is a virtual society by the Ethereum blockchain, and it came to life in early 2020. It’s the first decentralized community in the metaverse. Within the platform, users can experience and monetize apps and content. They can also socialize with other users and attend exclusive community events. 

The uniqueness of the platform lies in the fact that it is its users who control it. Through DAO (or decentralized autonomous organization), users can apply for grants and submit proposals for other users in the community to vote on. 

What is an NFT? Learn what it means and how they work.

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