iOS 16.1 is out, and it brought new features with it

The iOS 16 came out last month and already there’s a new update with additional features for iPhone users. The iOS 16.1 is out, and this is what the upgrade has to offer. See more below.


Read on to learn what’s new with the upgrade.

iOS 16.1
Check out the new iOS 16.1. updates. Source: Adobe Stock.

Only one month after releasing iOS 16, Apple’s already released its newest update with iOS 16.1. The upgrade comes with a host of new features, a few tweaks and some bug fixes for compatible devices. If you haven’t seen for yourself already, here’s what’s new with the iOS 16.1.

iOS 16.1 updated the iCloud shared photo library

The iCloud Shared Photo Library allows you to share your photos and videos with up to five people at once. Any user with access to the Library can add, delete and edit content contained in it. 

You can upload your pictures directly from your iPhone’s camera roll to the library. You can also add photos to it when you’re physically with the other people you share the library with. However, it’s not possible to be in two separate shared libraries at the same time.

Another con to the new feature is that once you move your personal pictures to it, it doesn’t duplicate the photos. Therefore, you can only have access to them in the shared library. 

Apple Fitness Plus

With the iOS 16.1 upgrade, you don’t need an Apple Watch to have access to Apple Fitness Plus anymore. If you have an iPhone 8 or newer models, you can now track your progress and fitness goals directly from your iPhone. 

Battery display

If you have an iPhone XR or newer, you can now display the battery percentage of your iPhone in the battery meter icon with iOS 16.1. The font has also increased in size, which makes it much easier for users to read.

Wallpaper and lock screen

iphone lock screen
There’s new wallpaper options. Source: Apple.

With the iOS 16.1, Apple made it easier for users to customize their wallpaper. Using the settings > wallpaper menu, you’ll be able to notice that the ability to add a new wallpaper is now more distinct. You also have the option to swipe through wallpapers. 

The new update also offers an option for when you’re editing your wallpaper in the lock screen to customize the lock screen and home screen backgrounds. 

Screenshot editing tools

The delete, save and copy options that were previously displayed at the bottom of your phone’s screen are now at the top. iOS 16.1 also made them much smaller and less intrusive.

Wallet app updates with iOS 16.1

You can now delete the wallet app from your phone if you choose to. However, if you decide to keep it, you can safely share Wallet app information using iMessages and WhatsApp. 

If you have an Apple Card, you can also increase your Daily Cash by depositing money into a high-yield savings account. 

iPhone hacks that will make your life easier

Do you know all the functionalities stored in your iPhone? There are plenty of hacks and little tricks that can make your life a lot easier once you know what they are for. Check out the link below to learn more. 

iPhone hacks

iPhone hacks that will help make your life easier

Check out how to make your iPhone experience even better with these tips.

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