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With this credit card, you can realize your dreams of traveling the world while avoiding expensive fees.

FNB Private Wealth Credit Metal Card – Unlock exclusive perks and rewards with no fees attached


The FNB Private Wealth Credit Metal Card offers a world of exclusive benefits for its customers, from airport lounge access and rewards at select stores to global travel insurance. Enjoy up to 55 days of free interest on purchases and unlimited card swipes with the added convenience of virtual cards – it all adds up to an unbeatable package!

Make the most of traveling and shopping with FNB Private Wealth Credit Card! Take advantage of its exclusive rewards, travel insurance, airport lounge access – all without a single fee for using their ATMs or those from other banks. Check some other perks below!

Peace of mind with global travel insurance at no extra cost for the first 90 days of your trip.
It offers up to 55 days of free interest;
It provides you with unlimited virtual cards, swipes, and global travel insurance;
You can access valuable programs to access rewards, airport lounges, and more;

With the FNB Private Wealth Credit Card, you can experience rewards and protection as a frequent traveler or exclusive shopper. Enjoy access to eBucks Rewards programs for shopping at selected stores–and earn points along the way!–as well as enjoy virtually unlimited card swipes, up to 55 days of free interest on purchases, and complimentary global travel insurance within your first 90 days abroad. Take advantage today!

You can get an FNB Private Wealth Credit Card in a variety of ways. Whether you use the official website or mobile app, give them a call at 087 730 6000, or visit your local office; it’s easy to unlock all that this card has to offer!

FNB Private Wealth Credit Card is a great option for avoiding fees! There’s no charge to use FNB ATMs, branches or other banks’ machines internationally. However, you will need to cover an initiation fee of up to R175 and make sure you factor in the monthly Fee of R258 as well as the credit facility service fee -set at R17.22- into your budgeting plan. Don’t forget that there may be additional charges applied too!

Travel in style and confidence with FNB Private Wealth Credit Metal Card! Reap exclusive rewards, travel insurance coverage, and award-winning airport lounge access. All without any additional fees for accessing your funds at an ATM. 

Discover more about the extraordinary benefits available when you apply today! Follow the link below.

FNB Private Wealth Credit Metal Card

How to get a FNB Private Wealth Metal card?

Uncover a world of exclusive experiences with this card. Learn more about how you can apply for the FNB Private Wealth Credit Metal Card!

But if you want to know more about cards besides the FNB Private Wealth Credit Metal Card, check out the FNB Petro Credit Card. Convenience, protection, and efficiency all rolled into one! 

With personalized interest rates, contactless payments for easy transactions and roadside emergency assistance are available whenever needed. You can travel in peace knowing that you’re covered. 

Benefit from a separate credit limit or statement if desired to make sure nothing slows down this journey… so what are you waiting for? Learn how to apply in the link below.

FNB Petro Credit Card

How to apply for FNB Petro Credit Card

Don't miss out on this incredible offer! Apply now for the FNB Petro Credit Card and enjoy roadside assistance, personalized rates, and more.

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