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Are you looking for a relatively inexpensive card that can take your business spending to a whole new level?

With the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card, you’ll earn much more for daily business expenses, plus a generous welcome bonus to sweeten the deal!


Are you a small business owner looking for an easy and rewarding way to manage your daily purchases? The Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card may be just what you’re looking for. With it, you can earn valuable rewards points on nearly all of your business expenses while helping to keep track of them with detailed spending reports!

If you're a small business owner looking for a way to manage your company's finances and get rewarded, the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card may be just the solution you've been searching for. See some of its benefits below!

Earn 100k bonus points after $15,000 on eligible purchases charged within the first 3 months of membership.
Get a high rewards rate on daily business expenses such as internet, phone services, shipping, and more!
Flexible rewards redemption with a 25% booster when you redeem them through Chase’s rewards program.
No foreign transaction fees and 1:1 points transfer to more than 10 airlines and hotel loyalty programs!

Qualifying for the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card requires a good credit score, a steady income, and a valid Tax ID number, so it may not be the easiest card to qualify for. While a credit score of 700 or higher is recommended, Chase also considers other factors such as credit history and payment history when reviewing applications. Overall, meeting the eligibility requirements doesn’t guarantee approval, but if you’re a small business owner who wants to earn valuable rewards on your business expenses, it’s worth considering.

While the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card is designed for small business owners, you may still be able to apply for the card even if you don’t own a business. However, you’ll need to have some kind of business income or be able to show that you’re using the card for business expenses. For example, if you do freelance work, you may be eligible to apply.

The Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card offers a range of transfer partners, including popular airlines and hotel programs such as United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, British Airways, Marriott Bonvoy, and IHG Rewards Club. Cardholders can transfer their Ultimate Rewards points to these partner programs at a 1:1 ratio, allowing them to redeem their points for flights, hotel stays, and more. Having a variety of transfer partners can provide flexibility in using your rewards points and help maximize their value.

If you’d like to learn how you can apply for the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card and how the application process works, check out the following link. 

Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

How to apply for the Ink Business Preferred® Card?

Ready to up your business' rewards game? Learn the simple steps you need to take to get started with the Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card!

But if you’re looking for a business card with no annual fee, the Ink Business Cash® Credit Card might be a better fit for your needs. See the link below to learn more about its features and how to apply for it.

Ink Business Cash® credit card

How to apply for the Ink Business Cash® card

Make your business more profitable with our step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Ink Business Cash® Credit Card!

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