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Make the world your playground with this incredible card! Unlock new adventures and explore exciting destinations around the globe.

Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card – Enjoy Unlimited Miles and Premium Benefits


If you are an avid traveler, the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card is just what you need. With its generous mileage program, travelers can redeem their points more flexibly than ever! On top of that, enjoy exclusive perks like insurance coverage while abroad and access to airport lounges for maximum relaxation on your journeys!

With the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card, you get more than just an easy way to pay for your trip - enjoy peace of mind and a world of benefits! This card can make any journey easier, from discount travel packages to built-in protections against fraud risk. Ready for adventure? Explore all that's included with this fantastic credit solution now!

Get lots of miles and extra miles in the first month. Get even more bonus miles all year long;
Go to the airport lounge and get special prices when you travel and do fun activities;
Automatic basic travel insurance and security features help to keep you safe;
You can get a good rate without paying interest for up to 55 days.

• The Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card offers double miles and bonus miles on loyalty. • Automatic insurance coverage and optional credit life protection are included. • Preferential airport check-in and free access to airport lounges are available. • Up to 55 days of interest-free repayment can be accessed, along with security features when abroad. • A flexible redemption program with promotional fares & other deals is also provided.

Unlock travel rewards with the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card! Get started on your journey towards exclusive benefits and privileges. Find out how to start applying now.

Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

How to apply for the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium?

Get approved quickly and easily. Find out what you need to do to apply for the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card today.

However, if you’re not ready to apply for the Nedbank SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card just yet, check out the Nedbank Gold Card.

Unlock a world of rewards and great affordability with the Nedbank Gold Credit Card. 

Spend R40 per month. With no fee for swipes, plus an optional linkage fee. To receive 50% off Nu Metro movie tickets and exciting prizes. Like winning up to R20.000 worth of fuel when you swipe at bp! 

Now's your chance to get the best out of every purchase. Click below and find out how to apply!

NedBank Gold Credit Card

See how to apply for the NedBank Gold Card

Learn how to apply for the Nedbank Gold Card and enjoy exclusive benefits such as rewards, fuel savings, security features and much more.

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