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See how to apply for the Xtra Savings Card

Check out our guide on how to apply for the Xtra Savings Card and start taking advantage of exclusive discounts at Shoprite and Checkers.


by Vinicius Barbosa

Published on 01/26/2023

Xtra Savings Card: The perfect card for savvy shoppers

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When shopping at Shoprite and Checkers, apply the Xtra Savings Card to take advantage of their exclusive discounts. With this card, shoppers can receive up to 30% off when they shop at Shoprite and 25% off at Checkers. 


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Xtra Savings card

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With this card, shoppers can receive up to 30% off when they shop at Shoprite and 25%

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This is an easy way to save money on groceries and other items. The Xtra Savings Card can also be used online to take advantage of special offers. 

To apply for the Xtra Savings Card, check out our guide below.

Learn how to get the Xtra Savings Card online

Enjoy your discounts at Checkers and Shoprite. Source: Canva.

Saving money is always a great idea, and with the Xtra Savings Card from Checkers, you can do that. Applying for the card is easy. 

You must visit Checker’s official website, select “Xtra Savings” from the menu bar, and then click on “Your Xtra Saving Benefits.” 

This will take you to the Xtra Savings Card page, where you’ll see a sign-up banner. To apply for your Xtra Savings Card, simply have or create an account with Checkers and fill out all of your information. 

After analyzing your information, Checkers will approve your card, and you can pick it up in-store. Get started today and enjoy the savings benefits with the Xtra Savings Card!

Other ways you can apply

Applying for and getting your Xtra Savings card is a fantastic way to access exclusive discounts and rewards! 

Once you apply for your Xtra Savings card, you can link it to your profile on the Checkers app. This makes all of the amazing offers available to you much quicker and easier.

What about a similar card? Check out the Woolworths Gold credit card

You might apply for an Xtra Savings Card, but consider Woolworths Gold Credit Card before you do that. With the help of Absa, this credit card offers an array of benefits that are difficult to beat. 

Members enjoy a 2% reward when they shop at any Woolworths outlet and can even gain more if they use the card exclusively on Woolworths WREWARDS items, as it will earn them an additional 5%. 

Furthermore, customers get 0.75% as a quarterly voucher if their card is used outside of Woolworths stores, truly providing value for every purchase! Check out how to apply for this card below

Woolworths Gold credit card

How to apply for the Woolworths Gold credit card

Want to earn rewards on your shopping? Apply for the Woolworths Gold credit card and get cash back at stores. Check out our guide now!

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