See how to apply for the FNB Personal Loans

Need to borrow money? Here's how you can apply for an FNB Personal Loan, with simple and easy steps that will get you the cash you need as soon as possible.


FNB Personal Loans: Personalised rates and fixed repayments to fit your budget!

FNB Personal Loans
You can apply online for FNB personal loans: keep reading to see how. Source: The News Stacker.

Are you looking to apply for the FNB Personal Loans? With FNB, you can apply easily from the comfort of your home. Their streamlined online application process makes it easy – all you have to do is fill out a few details and submit! 


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FNB Personal Loans

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FNB offers flexible loan amounts, low rates and fast approval: get the fund you need.

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If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to finance your needs, the FNB Personal Loans can help.

FNB offers personal loans up to R300,000 with a repayment period of up to 60 months, so you have the flexibility to choose how much you need and the time in which you want to repay it. 

They also have competitive interest rates, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Their personal loan is quick and easy to apply for, and FNB will work with you to create a payment plan that makes sense for your budget.

With FNB Personal Loans, you get the money you need without any hassle or worry. If you keep your payment up to date, you can even take a break from them every January

And if you want to settle your debt before it’s due, there are no early payment fees. 

With FNB, you can take the first step towards achieving financial freedom! So keep reading to learn how to apply for the FNB Personal Loans today and make your dreams a reality. 

Learn how to get the FNB Personal Loans online

FNB Personal Loans
Go to the FNB website if you need to apply for a personal loan. Source: Canva.

You can quickly and easily apply FNB Personal Loans online within minutes. But before you do, make sure you can qualify for their loan and create an account to your name if you don’t bank with them already.

Then, access FNB’s official website and click on “borrow” on the home page. Then, click on “personal loan”. Take a few minutes to browse the page and resolve any inquiry you may have about the loan. When you’re ready, click on “apply now”.

To begin the process, log in using your RSA ID Number and your cell phone number. An OTP (one time password) will be sent to your mobile to confirm your identity. Once you enter the code, you can start the application process.

Fill out the online form with your personal and financial information as well as contact details. You’ll need to provide a recent proof of residence and proof of income in the form of bank statements and payslips. 

Submit your application and wait for FNB to give you a response. They’ll provide an offer with the available loan amount, interest rates and terms. If you agree to those terms, sign the contract and wait for funding.  

Other ways you can apply

You can also apply for the FNB Personal Loans via FNB’s mobile banking app, by calling *120*321# on your cell phone, or by calling FNB’s call centre at 087 730 5596. Just make sure to gather all your documentation before you do. 

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Comparing personal loans is important before you make a final decision. That way you can make sure you’re getting the best possible deal. If you want to check out another option, we recommend the DirectAxis Loan. 

Check out the following link to learn what the DirectAxis Loan has to offer. We look at loan amounts, interest rates and more. We’ll also show you how easily you can apply for it online.

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See how to apply for a DirectAxis Loan

Learn how to apply for a DirectAxis Loan and get the cash you need to cover your expenses. Their online process makes it easy!

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