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Looking for a credit card to make the most out of your everyday spending?

The Super Value Titanium Card is your trusted companion for everyday financial empowerment!


With the Super Value Titanium Card you get a financial ally crafted to redefine your spending experience. Enjoy cashback, discounts, contactless payments, online banking and much more! Choose the Super Value Titanium Credit Card and let every swipe be a step towards a more rewarding financial journey!


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The Super Value Titanium Credit Card offers a blend of affordability and benefits! Find out some of the special benefits you get when you apply!

Experience the flexibility of balance transfers into convenient EMIs with zero fees
Enjoy the added security of secure online transactions
Opt for supplementary cards for family members
Participate in the online banking revolution with the SC mobile app

You will remain in the same website

From exclusive cashback on fuel, utilities, and phone bills to a robust rewards program and secure online transactions, the Super Value Titanium Card caters to the modern spender. Explore more features below!

Upsides and benefits of the Super Value Titanium Card

  • Every Swipe Unlocks Rewards: For every INR 150 spent on miscellaneous purchases, accumulate reward points that unveil a trove of discounts, vouchers, and exclusive offers, making each swipe a step towards a more rewarding lifestyle.
  • Flexible Balance Transfers: Gain access to flexible balance transfers of up to INR 5,00,000 into zero-fee EMIs, offering financial flexibility for those larger-than-life expenses.
  • 5% Cashback Extravaganza: Revel in an unparalleled 5% cashback on fuel, utilities, and phone bills, transforming mundane transactions into avenues of perpetual savings.
  • Digital Symphony: Seamlessly navigate your financial orchestra with avant-garde features like contactless payments, secure online transactions, and the SC mobile app, where efficiency meets security.
  • Family Empowerment: Extend the wings of financial empowerment to your kin with supplementary cards, ensuring that your loved ones also bask in the perks of the Super Value Titanium Credit Card.

Drawbacks of the Super Value Titanium Card 

  • Fee Reversal Balancing Act: The tantalizing prospect of annual fee reversal upon hitting a spend threshold of INR 90,000 might not align with the spending patterns of all users.
  • Regional Tether: Aspirants must tether themselves to credit card sourcing cities/locations of the bank, potentially alienating those residing beyond these designated areas.
  • Eligibility: Aspirants must maintain a consistent monthly income of at least INR 55,000, presenting a hurdle for individuals with more modest incomes.
  • Annual Fee Caution: While the initial annual fee is a reasonable INR 750, users should tread carefully, mindful of the renewal fee that takes effect from the second year onward.

The Super Value Titanium Credit Card distinguishes itself by offering an impressive 5% cashback on fuel transactions, phone bills, and utility payments. This goes beyond the conventional cashback structure, providing consistent savings on essential and routine expenditures. Moreover, its rewards program ensures additional benefits on all other purchases, allowing users to accumulate points that can be redeemed for various vouchers and discounts.

Yes, the Super Value Titanium Credit Card introduces the opportunity for annual fee reversal. To qualify, users need to meet a spend threshold of INR 90,000 in a year. This spend threshold is calculated based on your total card transactions throughout the year. If you successfully reach or exceed this amount, you can enjoy the benefit of having the annual fee reversed, enhancing the card’s affordability for diligent and proactive users.

Certainly. The Super Value Titanium Credit Card allows you to extend its benefits to your family members through supplementary cards. By opting for supplementary cards, your loved ones can also enjoy the perks of cashback on fuel, phone bills, and utility payments. It’s a convenient way to share the advantages of the card, making it a family-centric financial tool.

As mentioned before, the Super Value Titanium Credit Card emerges as a promising choice, offering a comprehensive suite of benefits tailored for the discerning spender.

Intrigued? While its cashback incentives, rewards program, and digital features shine, it’s essential to weigh these advantages against other considerations. Find out more features in the review below!

Super Value Titanium credit card

Super Value Titanium Card Review

Navigate everyday expenses with ease! Discover how the Super Value Titanium Card can give access to cashback on utilities!

For those seeking a global financial companion that transcends borders, explore the Standard Bank World Citizen Card as a compelling alternative to the Super Value Titanium Card.

Tailored for the cosmopolitan individual, this card opens doors to a world of international financial flexibility. Discover the features that make this card a standout choice for international travelers!

World Citizen Credit Card

How to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card

Learn how to apply for the World Citizen Credit Card! This card is perfect for travelers who want to enjoy luxurious experiences.

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