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TFG Money Account, Get exclusive deals, custom coupons and automatic entry into contests


Get ready to revolve your finances with the TFG Money Account! It’s like a credit superhero tailor-made to suit your needs. Ready to go on a shopping spree? Use your TFG Money Account to shop to your heart’s content on bash.com and all your favorite TFG brands in-store and online. You can also use it to snag nifty extras like insurance, magazines, and cellular products. Let’s get revolving!


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With a credit limit that will make your face light up like a Christmas tree, you can shop online or in-store at over 200 top-notch and lovable brands throughout South Africa. So, if you want to know more about the sweet benefits and deals, honey, read on.

Automatic access to exclusive member-only offers, personalised vouchers and competitions with TFG Rewards;
Get reliable protection for unexpected events with TFG Insurance coverage;
Enjoy unlimited magazine subscriptions at prices you can’t miss with TFG Media;
Keep track of your finances easily with online account management anytime, anywhere.

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With your TFG Money Account, you can buy now and pay later at bash.com and any TFG brand, whether you’re shopping in store or online. Plus, you can spoil yourself with TFG’s pretty nifty products, such as insurance, magazines, and swanky new cell phones.

To keep your TFG Money Account in tip-top shape, payments need to be made by the 1st of each month. Don’t worry – it’s easy peasy. Make sure your online payment appears in TFG bank account before that deadline hits.

Lost your card, or had it stolen? No worries, just ring up Customer Service on 0861 111 761 ASAP. If you need to replace it in store, make sure to bring your trusty ID Card, book, or passport with you. Better safe than sorry!

Looking for a credit product as unique as you are? Meet the TFG Money Account! We’ll set you up with a credit limit that fits your needs. Perfect for shopping on credit at bash.com and all TFG brands in-store and online.

Click on the link below and read our full review for more.

TFG Money Account

TFG Money Account – Easy online application

Get the most out of your shopping experience with a TFG Money Account through a simple online application! Enjoy the convenience you need!

Looking for a wallet-friendly way to shop ’til you drop? Meet your new bestie: Mr Price Money. With a store card that’s accepted at six different spots, you can score everything from stylish clothes to home decor to cutting-edge gadgets.

You can also buy now and pay later thanks to their credit line, plus get tons of sweet bonuses like insurance, health plans, streaming services, and pre-paid electricity. Check out our review and start living your most fabulous life.

Mr Price Money

Mr Price Money: Break Free from Budget Limitations

Don't let budget limitations hold you back any longer. Find out how Mr Price Money can help get you shopping smarter today!

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