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Get premium benefits and discounts on HealthyFood, HealthyCare and flights

The Discovery Bank Black Card – Start saving up to 50% on everyday purchases


The Discovery Bank Black Card is a one-stop shop for the most luxurious and privileged banking around. With up to 50% cashback on selected purchases, access to high- end airport lounges, attractive borrowing rates, plus full transaction capabilities. It offers global VIP treatment at your fingertips!

You can explore more and pay less with the Discovery Bank Black Card. Enjoy generous rewards on your purchases and discounts at major brands. All while deflecting interest with up to 55 days of grace period! Plus, take advantage of superior banking features for a discerning traveler. Investigate these amazing benefits today for yourself!

The card offers 50% back on HealthyFood, HealthyCare, riding, and fuel purchases;
Up to a 50% discount on international flights;
Get 10 Discovery Miles for each R1 reward you earn back, and use it to earn even more;
Get access to more than 1 200 luxury airport lounges.

Dynamic Interest Rates are a way you can save more and pay less. Through this program, you can get up to 4.5% interest on positive balances, up to 5.5% on-demand savings, and up to 4% less on borrowing rates.

With the Discovery Bank Black Card, you'll get all your banking needs covered - plus a lot more! Enjoy discounted shopping trips to favorite brands, coverage for travel emergencies, and rewards with every purchase. 

Plus, experience up to 55 days of free interest on select transactions and superior bank features unlike any other card around. Why wait?

Unlock all these great benefits today by applying now! Follow the link below and learn more!

The Discovery Bank Black Card

How to apply for the Discovery Bank Black Card

Are you seeking a credit card with high benefits and rewards? Discover everything you need to know to apply for The Discovery Bank Black Card.

However, if the Discovery Bank Black Card isn’t exactly what you want, take a look at the Nedbank SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card.

Travel in style and enjoy exclusive benefits like travel insurance, lounge access at select airports, and 50% off Nu Metro movie tickets. 

Earn mile points for every purchase as well - all while having personalized rates tailored just for your budget. Check our application guide below.

NedBank Gold Credit Card

See how to apply for the NedBank Gold Card

Learn how to apply for the Nedbank Gold Card and enjoy exclusive benefits such as rewards, fuel savings, security features and much more.

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