Analyze your Spotify data with these websites

When you're a music nerd, analyzing your own listening habits is an essential part of the fun. Here are some tools we think can help get you started.


For all music lovers who’d like to know themselves a little more.

Spotify data
Learn how to analyze your Spotify data. Source: Adobe Stock.

Generally speaking, people who really love music also love analyzing their own music taste. Nowadays, Spotify users have tons of different gimmicks that tell them exactly everything they want to know. After all, getting to know your own Spotify data is like opening a window to your very soul. What is your most listened to genre of music? How unknown are the artists you listen to? How many times have you heard your favorite tracks?

So to help you find and share your immaculate music taste with the world, we brought the best websites that overview your Spotify data. So if you’re one of those people who count down the days until your Spotify Wrapped or just likes to understand your listening habits a little better, you’re going to get a kick out of these little tools. 

It’s important to note that all of the websites listed below ask permission to access your Spotify data once you log into them. If you want to remove their access, you’ll have to do so manually once you’re done using the page. So without further ado, here are the best websites to analyze your Spotify data!

Stats of Spotify

This is probably the best known website to analyze your Spotify data. After logging in, this handy tool will show you your top artists, genres and tracks. You can choose to view what you listened to the most by all time, previous six months or last four weeks. The analyzer also shows you how your music taste has changed since the last time you’ve used it. 

How Bad is Your Spotify

This little website gained major popularity by the end of 2020 for its snarky comments about Spotify users’ listening habits. It’s basically an AI that judges your taste in music and roasts you about it by getting your Spotify data. 


Spotify data
How obscure is your music taste? Source: Adobe Stock.

This is a fairly recent website and what it does is, it will take the top 50 artists from your listening trends (short, medium and long-term) and organize them by how popular to how obscure they are. The most popular artists (like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé) will feature at the top. The least popular artists (think about that pop punk band from Greenland) will be closer to the bottom.

 Zodiac Affinity

If you’re an astrology enthusiast, you’ll love this website. Although there’s no real criteria as to how they choose their tracks, the website will pick five of your liked songs that align with different signs of the zodiac and give you a brief explanation as to why. 

Spotify Pie

This particular little website blew up last month all over social media. Created by an UCLA student, the website allows you to “bake your music pie” by analyzing your Spotify data and turning it into a highly specific pie chart. It shows all the genres you listen to in the last four weeks. It will also show your all-time most listened to artists. 

Now do you want to learn how to analyze your Spotify data and bake your Spotify pie? Then follow the link below and we’ll show you how!

Spotify Pie

Learn how to see your Spotify Pie

This awesome tool gives people a better idea of the music they’re listening to with very specific genres. Come check it out!

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