Learn how to see your Spotify Pie

This awesome tool gives people a better idea of the music they’re listening to. It also shows where new artists may come from, and how much crossover there is between different genres.


by Aline Barbosa

06/09/2022 | Updated on 06/10/2022

The generator provides uber-specific data on music genres for Spotify users.

Spotify Pie
Learn how to bake your Spotify Pie. Source: Adobe Stock.

There’s a new trend going around on social media with colorful pie charts displaying very specific music genres. The Spotify Pie app gives Spotify users a detailed look at their most-listened tracks of the month. It has got people all over the internet obsessed with sharing their music taste for everyone to see. The fun little application was recently created by UCLA student Darren Huang and provides Spotify enthusiasts a colorful insight of what they’ve been listening to as of late. 

In 2017, Spotify launched a feature called “Spotify Wrapped” and it instantly became a hit. With it, the music streaming platform gathers its users annual listening data and displays them in a well structured combination of segments. Revealing to the world how much time a user spent listening to a particular artist has become a rite of passage for music fanatics. Even nowadays, most users anticipate their Spotify Wrapped on Dec. 1st like it’s Christmas morning. The feeling of going through their individual music flipbook curated by the platform is something every user looks forward to, and we can understand why. 

Incidentally, it’s probably the reason these other types of music data apps get so popular every time there’s a new release. People want to know what they have been up to, and they also want to share it with the world. 

What is Spotify Pie?

What really sets the Spotify Pie apart from Spotify Wrapped – other than the fact that it’s not an official release by Spotify – is how it breaks its data. With the Spotify Wrapped release, users get detailed stats of how many minutes of music they listened throughout the year. It also shows the top 5 artists, songs, new discoveries and more. Meanwhile, the Spotify Pie tracks the most listened genres on a monthly basis. Not only that, but the genres are also super specific, like “cosmic post-rock” or “permanent wave”. 

Other than dividing the user’s monthly data by genre in a colorful pie chart, the Spotify Pie also provides a list of their top then most listened artists. The names show up from more to less plays, which have the largest font to smallest, respectively. The outcome is an extra-detailed pie with a profound insight into the user’s music taste. 

It’s important to note, however, that in order to bake your Spotify Pie you must enter your Spotify credentials into a third-party website. Therefore, keep that in mind before allowing other mediums to access your personal data. 

How to bake your Spotify Pie

Spotify Pie
See how to access the Spotify Pie generator. Source: Adobe Stock.

The process is simple and takes no more than a few seconds. If you’re ready to learn just how much “aesthetic rap” you’ve been listening to, head to Spotify Pie or just type “Spotify Pie” on your browser’s search engine. Then, you must click on “login to spotify” and provide your credentials. 

After reading the data-sharing agreement offered by the website, click “agree” to authorize access to your Spotify stats. You can remove the Spotify Pie access to your account at any time after baking the music goods. In about 10 seconds your stats should show up! The website will show your detailed monthly genres and you can share it on social media with your friends.

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