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Citi Clear Credit Card review: Experience a top-of-the-line credit card

Ready to take your finances up a notch? Read our review of the Citi Clear credit card, and get access to generous rewards, best-in-class rates, and ultimate luxury perks without hefty costs.


by Vinicius Barbosa

03/16/2023 | Updated on 03/21/2023

Citi Clear Credit Card: Unlock $400 Cashback with Citi Clear Credit Card

Citi Clear Credit Card
A cashback rewards credit card with travel perks. Source: The News Stacker.

Ready to take your finances up a notch? This card packs together generous credit card rewards and best-in-class rates. Giving you the ultimate luxury perks without hefty costs. Discover more in our Citi Clear Credit Card review!

Citi Clear Credit Card

How to apply for Citi Clear Credit Card?

Learn how to apply for the Citi Clear Credit Card! Enjoy perks such as cashback opportunities, and get access to many other privileges.

  • Credit Score: To get this card, you’ll need a good score;
  • Annual Fee: For the first year, it’s $49. After that, it’s $99;
  • Intro offer: You’ll get $400 cashback when you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 90 days;
  • Rewards: The card offers monthly cash back offers.
  • P.A: 0% for balance transfers for 15 months with no balance transfer fee; 14.99% p.a. for purchases;
  • Other Fees: 22.24% p.a. for cash advances. 

With the Citi Clear Credit Card, savvy travelers can save on more than just their ticket prices.

Get low-interest rates to make every purchase and balance transfer affordable while taking advantage of special introductory offers for even greater savings! 

Additionally, enjoy travel discounts that are exclusive to this credit card. If you’re ready to plan your next getaway without breaking the bank, take a look at our review.

Learn more about the Citi Clear Credit Card. It could be exactly what you need before hitting ‘book’!

Citi Clear Credit Card: What can you expect?

Citi Clear Credit Card is proving to be an incredible choice if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line credit card experience. 

It has exclusive hotel offers ranging from 10% off and monthly cash back offers.

You’ll also enjoy a staggering welcome bonus of $400 cashback when spending $3,000 in the first 90 days from card approval. 

Citi Clear’s customer services provide each customer with an unforgettable experience when using this card. The Citi Clear Credit Card is definitely worth the review!

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Citi Clear Credit Card
If you love to travel. this credit card is for you. Source: Canva.

The Citi Clear Credit Card has amazing features, such as a generous welcome bonus and cashback on Deliveroo. 

Moreover, limited-time offers for luxury escapes at participating hotels are also included! On top of that, you can save money easily thanks to its low purchase rate – significantly reducing your monthly expenses. 

Read through our list of pros and cons below to discover what makes these benefits even better!


  • A low p.a. of 14.99%;
  • 0% intro p.a. for 15 months for balance transfers with no balance transfer fee;
  • No additional cardholders fee (up to four members);
  • $400 cashback welcome bonus.


  • The card has an annual fee;
  • There is no chance of getting high rewards;
  • The luxury offer has a time limit.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Your credit score is an important factor in securing a good financial future. If you’re interested in the Citi Clear Credit Card, ensure your credit rating has reached at least “good”!

Not only will this give you better chances of approval, it could also unlock special rates and exclusive products that can help set you up for success down the line.

Learn how to request the Citi Clear Credit Card 

Ready to make your money work for you? Citi Clear Credit Card is a perfect choice, and it’s simpler than ever to apply! 

Just follow the link below and get started. Unlock a world of financial freedom with one simple click. Request yours today!

Citi Clear Credit Card

How to apply for Citi Clear Credit Card?

Learn how to apply for the Citi Clear Credit Card! Enjoy perks such as cashback opportunities, and get access to many other privileges.

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