Summer Playlist: four songs for some fun in the sun!

With the sun shining and the weather warm, what could be better than a summer playlist to set the mood? Here are four great songs to get you started! Read on for more.


Sunny days are even better with a great summer playlist!

summer playlist
Learn our picks to get your summer playlist started. Source: Adobe Stock.

Summer is just around the corner, and this year’s summer playlist promises a new round of sticky tunes to accompany it. Whether you’d like to have a “hot girl summer”, “feral girl summer” or just a regular ‘ol time at the beach, there’ll be a list of songs to make your sunny days even more enjoyable. 

A long time ago, the culture gods decided that certain types of songs would be automatically linked with the months of sunshine and pool parties. Even though each season has an equal number of quality releases, summer tunes are usually for all eternity. A fine example of that fact is Donna Summer’s megahit “Bad Girls”. The song came out in the summertime of 1979 and to this day it’s one of the singer’s most listened to tracks. 

Lea Palmieri, a trend expert at Spotify, says the reason behind this is because these songs capture very specific moments. It takes you back to fun times when you were driving with the top down, or at a friend’s party. It’s basically a trigger of good memories. Spotify’s Songs of Summer playlist is good and ready to go. This year selection taps into latin pop, country, hip-hop and bubblegum pop. Palmieri says the diversity contained in the streaming platform’s summer playlist is a natural extension of most users’ curiosity. 

According to her, people are open to new artists nowadays, even if they don’t understand the lyrics. She cites K-POP as an example. Even if you don’t speak the language, the melody has a way of drawing you in. 

Spotify’s summer playlist is based on many factors – namely song trajectories and streaming numbers. So, below you’ll find the strongest contenders for the number one hit of the summer – in no particular order. 

Songs to have in your summer playlist

summer playlist
Here are our four contenders for “song of the summer”. Source: Adobe Stock.

Whether you’re driving down the beach, at a friend’s pool party or just dancing alone in your bedroom, these songs are sure to make you enjoy the sunshine even more. 

As It Was by Harry Styles

A catchy melody paired with some pretty gloomy lyrics, “As It Was” is the first single of Styles’ third album – Harry’s House. The former member of One Direction sings about the pain of loneliness in a fast-paced track with the chiming synths that oftentimes resembles a-ha’s “Take On Me”.

About Damn Time by Lizzo

Lizzo’s upbeat pop song features what the singer does best: a message of empowerment while inviting the listener to celebrate on the dance floor. With a funky backbeat, the track’s flute solo (yes, flute solo) is a high point in an already amazing track. 

Supermodel by Måneskin

The Italian rock band with a Danish name won last year’s Eurovision contest and managed to turn their victory into worldwide success. They are quite possibly the first musicians to do so since Celione Dion’s win in 1988. The band – led by the effortlessly charming Damiano David – put out a snarky and delicious track that’s sure to rock everybody this summer. 

Ojitos Lindos by Bad Bunny

According to Spotify, Bad Bunny is the most listened to artist on the platform for two years in a row. “Ojitos Lindos” – a collaboration with Bomba Estéreo, a Colombian electro cumbia group – is a perfect ambiance song that sneaks up on you with its reggaeton beat. The perfect choice for a beach trip in anyone’s summer playlist. 

For more music news and curated selections, stay with The News Stacker. By following the link below, you’ll learn how to access Spotify’s pie chart about your current music taste!

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