Future iPhones will have USB-C charging in the EU

After the EU passed a law demanding unified USB-C charging on all mobile and electronic devices, Apple is dropping its Lightning connector in future iPhones in order to comply. Read on to learn more.


The days of the Lightning port are coming to an end for Apple’s EU devices.

Apple will comply with the EU’s USB-C charging laws. Source: Adobe Stock.

The way people charge their iPhones could change in the near future. Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, confirmed that the company will comply with the new European Union law requiring an unification of USB-C charging on all mobile devices.

Joswiak’s comments about the new law during a Tech Live event hosted by The Wall Street Journal seem to confirm that future iPhones will no longer have Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector and will adapt to USB-C charging.

The senior president didn’t seem happy with the news, but stated that the company will comply with EU law as they have no other choice in the matter.

Apple introduced their brand Lightning connector with the launch of the iPhone 5 in 2012. The Lightning port replaced their classic 30-pin connector that was available in early iPhones.

Why is Apple implementing USB-C charging on iPhones?

Earlier in October, the European Parliament passed a law that requires a unified charging cord for all mobile phones and other electronic devices such as headphones and laptops.

These new rules require that all new mobiles released in EU countries must have a USB-C charging port by 2024. Laptops and tablets still have until 2026 to comply.

The reason behind all this, according to the EU, is that the new rules will save consumers from having to purchase different charging cords to power their devices. By doing so, they will help curbing electronic waste from obsolete charges.

It will also keep consumers from being forced into a specific company due to a proprietary charging standard, such as Apple’s Lightning port for iPhones.

What about iPhones in the U.S.?

Is USB-C charging coming to the U.S.? Source: Adobe Stock.

Back in June, U.S. lawmakers pushed the Commerce Department to implement a universal standard for charging electronic devices. The proposition is very similar to the one recently adopted by the EU.

U.S. lawmakers also cite the amount of money spent by consumers on different charges for various products as an issue. They also mention the amount of electronic waste as the main reason for pushing a universal standard requirement for devices.

There’s no news about the future of USB-C charging on iPhones in the U.S.. Plus, it’s clear that Apple is not happy about these changes. The company cites that shifting to a USB-C charging port limits innovation and hurts their consumers.

What does this all mean for future iPhones?

Much like their 30-pin connector, Lightning cables could soon become obsolete in the U.S. and across the world. The company hasn’t said when it would introduce a standard USB-C charging to iPhones. However, it’s more than likely that Apple’s future smartphones will support it.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s been testing USB-C charging on iPhones since last May. The company already has plenty of devices that support that type of charging. Which includes some MacBook models and newer versions of its iPad.

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