The most expensive houses in the US: how much can they cost? 

Some people would have to work more than one lifetime to buy one of these houses. Find out why they cost that much and what they have inside.


Learn how much you’d have to pay for the 10 most expensive houses

Wealthy couple enjoying their new real estate
Choose one of the most expensive houses to live in luxury. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you think your mortgage is too expensive, you should take a look at the most expensive houses in the US we’ve listed in this post. The prices go all the way to the moon – it’s very high!

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But they’re not like the regular houses we’re used to. These houses look like the ones we see in the movies. Mansions and castles awaken our desire for a life of luxury and comfort. But how much would that cost you?

Check the top houses and the expensive features they have

Luxury Waterfront Mansion in Fort Lauderdale Florida
These houses have space for your yacht and your helicopter. Source: Adobe Stock.

What do you need to live in a house? Or let’s say, what does a house needs to be home? Some people will say that all they need is a roof above their heads with a bed to sleep in. But there is much more on the most expensive houses across the U.S.

Some of these mansions would be able to give shelter to dozens or even hundreds of people and look like an amusement park, with everything everybody needs to be fully healthy and happy.

But they cost millions of dollars, so just a few will be able to enjoy them. This list has some of the most expensive ones.

West Creek Ranch, Colorado – $279 million

This luxurious home has everything you can look for in a mansion. The house has four floors and only eight bedrooms, but it has also many other places to have fun.

You can swim in the pool or read at the library. If you are more into arts, don’t worry, there is also an art studio. And the backyard has real dinosaur footprints. 

The $279 million you pay for the property also includes a car museum and pasture to raise animals.

Pacific Coast 33550, Malibu – $225 million

This house looks like a movie set. At 25,025 square feet, you can spend days and days enjoying yourself here without leaving your residence.

Bring your whole family to occupy the 16 bedrooms, and don’t worry about lacking bathrooms, as the house has 22 of them. The house has private access to the beach, with a cabin to enjoy the view.

Casa Encantada, California – $225 million

This house named “Enchanted House” has everything a Hollywood celebrity needs. In addition to impeccable architecture, the house has pleasant facilities and leisure spaces. 

You can play basketball and tennis and enjoy the gardens and lounges. And of course, there could be a guest house and a swimming pool for everyone. This 7 bedroom, 20 bath home will be perfect for the holidays.

Manor at Holmby Hills, California – $200 million

If you’re looking for a French castle-style home with a beautiful view, you can shell out $200 million for this gorgeous California mansion.

It has dozens of bedrooms and bathrooms, in addition to all the other basic necessities of a mansion, such as tennis courts, basketball, swimming pool, and the classic staircase in the circular entrance courtyard. All this is just steps from the beach.

Mylestone at Meadow Lane, New York – $175 million

Finally, a little place by the beach where you can park your helicopter. Enjoy the 15,521 square feet of this mansion located on one of the most prestigious streets in the country. 

You’ll be neighbors with celebrities, maybe you can even invite one of them for a drink in the sunroom after spending the morning at the pool or beach, which is just a few meters from the house.

Great Island, Connecticut –  $175 million

A perfect combination of abundant nature and the big city. Take one of your cars and call your driver to take you to Manhattan. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city after resting in your peaceful mansion with a private forest.

In addition to all that green space around it, the stone-walled house has 10 bedrooms and 4 fireplaces, just in the main house. The house was built in 1902 but went through renovations, it is suitable for modern people who like technology and comfort.

Rancho San Carlos, California –  $125M

In 1931, Reginald Johnson built this magnificent home on the high terraces of stunning views in Montecito, California. You can ride horses around the property and check out the fields with fruit production. Bring your entire family to occupy the residence’s 30 rooms, taking advantage of the $125 million you have to buy one of the most expensive houses in the U.S.

Fifth Avenue Duplex, New York – $96M

Beautiful living room interior in new luxury home with open conc
More than just expensive, these houses are beautiful too. Source: Adobe Stock.

The list wouldn’t be complete without one of the famous duplexes overlooking Central Park. On the two floors, you will find a total of 20 rooms.

The apartment has a nice wooden floor, fireplace, high ceiling, and a lovely living room. Grab a wine in your cellar to celebrate good times with your friends in one of the most expensive homes in the world’s most coveted city.

The building was built in 1931, and the bookstore’s interior design will make you feel like a nobleman in a period movie.

Pumpkin Key, Florida – $95 million

How about a private island with a wonderful home? That’s what you can buy with $95 million. You will have complete privacy in this expensive house, as the only way to access it is with a short 10-minute boat ride (or yacht) or a short helicopter flight.

Once there, enjoy your 26-acre property, complete with a private marina for boating around the area and tennis courts. The main house has 5 thousand square feet and will be a pleasant place to spend the days with family and friends.

The Atelier, New York –  $85 million

We close the list with another apartment in new york. The ceiling is so high that you’ll need some help changing the light bulbs and cleaning the windows. The apartment was built in 2013 and has 9 complete private accommodations.

The bonus of this apartment is a yacht worth over a million dollars. The building has complete facilities for the family, such as a gym, a play area for children, and even a concierge service.

What is the most expensive thing you could put inside one of these houses?

If you haven’t spent all of your money buying one of these houses, you can take a look at the most expensive things you could buy too.

The following list has a few things that cost an unbelievable amount of money. The number one is surprising.

couple stands between sports cars

The number one most expensive thing in the world

Look around and look for the most expensive thing you can see. It is nothing but a tiny fraction of the most expensive thing in the world. Read on see what is it.

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