The best VR games of 2022!

It's time to look into what the future has in store for this exciting new technology. Check out our list of the top best VR games right now!


Check out our list of the best VR games for the most immersive virtual reality experience

best vr games
VR Games will give you a fun experience! Invite your friends over and have fun. Source: Canva.

Are you looking for a way to escape the real world? And immerse yourself in some truly awe-inspiring virtual reality experiences? Look no further – we have your ticket to paradise: The Best VR Games of 2022! 

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or simply curious about this new form of entertainment, these top picks will give you hours upon hours of virtual exploration at your fingertips. 

From action-packed shootouts to enthralling puzzle games, there is something sure to capture everyone’s attention.

You won’t want to put the headset down after checking out what the best VR offers!

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Fun for everyone – find out the best VR games today!

Looking for a new way to experience the world of gaming? Then virtual reality (VR) games are where it’s at! 

VR is an innovative technology that allows players to enter into immersive 3D simulated environments using headsets and controllers.

In this post, we’re going through the best VR games out there right now. These titles will get your heart racing.

And make you question whether or not the virtual world is more real than the one around you. So pull up a comfy chair – it’s time to game!

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality

best vr games
These are the best games to play using virtual reality gadgets. Source: Canva.

You’re seriously missing out if you haven’t yet gotten in on the Rick and Morty fun! Virtual Rick-Ality is one of the best VR games that escapes no detail. 

From mini-games that could come right out of any show episode to funny quotes guaranteed to crack a smile on anyone’s face, this game takes up a notch regarding its immersion. 

The visuals make it feel like you have been put right into their crazy world, and you can almost hear the characters talking in your head as you play.

Cloudlands VR Minigolf

Cloudlands VR Minigolf offers something for everyone, from the novice golf player to the experienced pro – now in the best virtual reality environment. 

This is one of the best VR games; with 18 different courses, spectacular visuals, intuitive controls, and a subtle physics engine, this game has it all. 

Plus, you get to play against online friends and family – so even if your real-life opponents are not too up to par, your virtual opponents won’t let you down!

So grab a club, tee up and immerse yourself in golfing paradise with Cloudlands VR Minigolf.

Wipeout Omega Collection

Wipeout Omega Collection is a marvelous way to experience the best in cinematic and futuristic thrill rides, especially if you’re looking for some of the best VR games. 

It’s a great game for both newcomers and fans of the series alike.

The game offers intense HD graphics, insanely smooth gameplay, and some truly innovative design elements that keep you on the edge of your seat. 

All while giving an exciting and enjoyable entertainment experience without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Firewall Zero Hour

best vr games
Have you already played these VR games? Source: Canva.

Firewall Zero Hour is an intense and carefully crafted first-person shooter that puts players in the middle of the action from the comfort of their own homes. 

With 6v6 online multiplayer, this PlayStation exclusive offers some of the best virtual reality (VR) gaming experiences, with various combat situations that test your tactical prowess. 

Enter a realm where every shot matters and every move has consequences – Firewall Zero Hour is sure to bring out the best in you and make it one of the best VR games.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

This adaptation of best-selling Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a perfect way to experience the beloved game in an entirely new and immersive way. 

Every area has been tailored to provide a wonderful virtual reality experience.

From vast landscapes in the daylight to eerie tombs in the dead of night – all while you battle against fierce dragons and come face to face with death incarnate. 

Skyrim VR revolutionizes gameplay. Immersing players in an intense world filled with adventure and intrigue like never before!

Tetris Effect

Tetris Effect has quickly become one of the best VR games out there. Its mesmerizing visuals and entrancing music create a unique experience that no other game can quite imitate. 

While it’s best experienced in virtual reality headsets, recent game versions have allowed for more conventional monitor-based play, which also offers a great gaming experience.

Last year’s release on the Playstation 4 was one of the best-selling versions, making Tetris Effect an undoubted modern classic. 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Get your hands on a VR system and prepare for the best intergalactic adventure!

You can join forces with up to three friends or go it alone in your mission. 

No matter the mission, you’ll be busy manning the controls, plotting courses through dangerous space lanes, and making split-second decisions that could mean life or death. 

Resident Evil 7

If you think you have an iron stomach for horror, look no further than Resident Evil 7.

It’s one of the best VR games out there and will thrill you like no other. 

You take control of Ethan, who narrowly escapes death as he battles against mutated monsters. 

It’s terrifying, thrilling, and just plain fun! All of this makes it one of the best ways to experience virtual reality today!

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