Richest celebrities in the world 2022! 

We know some celebrities make a lot of money. But how much money are we talking about? This article will tell you who are the richest among the richest, and you may get mindblowed by this fortunes.


Learn about the celebrities who made it into the richest ones this year!

Celebrity being photographed by paparazzi photographers at event for the richest celebrities in the world
Who is the richest celebrity in the world? Source: Adobe Stock.

We know celebrities make a lot of money, but who are the richest celebrities in the world? Do you think your favorite star is on this list?

First, let’s define what kind of celebrities we are going to talk about on this list. Because even if Ellon Musk and Jeff Bezos are pretty well known and very rich, they are not the type of celebrities we are looking for. 

We are talking about the old kind of celebrity. Movie stars, Hollywood directors, musicians with sold-out shows and chart-topping songs, talk-show hosts, and supermodels.

Even though some athletes like football and NBA players figures in advertising and marketing campaigns for big brands, they stand on another list too.

Social media also gave us a whole new category of celebrities. But this is a particular niche, even though some of them have millions of followers.

But this article is for the famous celebrities we see on big screens (or little screams with Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming services) and listen to on the radio and Spotify.

Let’s see who are the richest celebrities in the world and how did they manage to be that rich.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush is now more popular than ever

Proving once more that good songs are timeless, Kate Bush and her classic tune “Running Up That Hill” are all everyone’s listening to now. Read more on this post.

Who figures among the 10 richest celebrities in the world in 2022?

richest celebrities in the world
We have some billionaires on this list. Source: Adobe Stock.

Now that we’ve determined the slice of wealthy people we’re talking about let’s list them. These people have enough money to buy many things, from mansions to islands, from private jets to luxury cars. 

Let’s find out their net worth, some of their possessions, and how they got so rich. Can you guess who the first one on the list is? Read the entire article to find out.


Living the dream of a material girl, Madonna can buy as many diamonds as she wants to be her best friends. With an estimated net worth of $850 million, this almost billionaire star has made a fortune with her top-selling albums and successful world tours and became one of the richest celebrities in the world. Her album “The Immaculate Collection” is best-selling, with over 30 million copies sold. She also won 7 Grammy Awards, the most important award in the music industry.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield has one of the most curious careers on this list. He is a famous and successful illusionist and magician. He debuted on several television shows and made appearances on top-rated prime-time shows, winning Emmy Awards. Few illusionists achieve this level of prestige and success. Thanks to that, his fortune is now estimated at $1 billion.


With so many skills, Shawn Corey Carter (aka Jay-Z) has made his way up to his $1.3 billion net worth and is now one of the richest celebrities in the world. His curriculum is extensive. He is a businessman, investor, producer, songwriter, musician, owner of a clothing brand, and a record label that has released dozens of successful artists. But you may also know him as Beyonce’s husband, as they’re a successful couple too.  

Paul McCartney

How much money can a person earn for being one of the most famous artists of his generation? If you live on planet earth, you’ve undoubtedly heard of The Beatles at least once. This historic success with the band, coupled with his solo career, has put Sir Paul McCartney on this list, with an estimated fortune of $1.5 billion.


Rihanna is one in a million, and managed to be one of the richest celebrities in the world. Hailing from a small island called Barbados, her musical talent has landed her on the international charts. Her album Good Girl Gone Bad, released in 2007, secured her crown in the Pop universe. Today, Rihanna is a successful businesswoman in the fashion world, with a line of luxury cosmetics, makeup, and clothing. Her net worth, estimated at $1.7 billion, is impressive. In addition to being one of the ten artists with the most musical products sold globally, she is now a reference as a self-made billionaire being a Latin woman.

Kim Kardashian

Woman in a luxurious dress on a red carpet for the richest celebrities in the world
The richest celebrities are billionaires. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’ve seen Kim Kardashian on the TV, you may have wondered: why is she a celebrity? She is a socialite and started her career as a personal assistant working for Paris Hilton. After involving in some scandals, she and her family gained a reality show on TV. Today, she is an influencer, model, and businesswoman, and her net worth is $1.8 billion

Kanye West

Kayne West is known for being constantly involved in controversy. However, his talent and irreverence in music are undeniable. The rapper is also a producer and entrepreneur, and his $2 billion fortune was built with hard work in a successful career, despite its ups and downs with his mental health.

Oprah Winfrey

This woman is certainly a great inspiration for women, especially for young Afro-descendants who see Oprah Winfrey as a reference for success. The presenter, who now has a fortune of $2.5 billion, has already released several books. She is a journalist, psychologist, actress, and businesswoman, and her show holds audience records. 

Steven Spielberg

Photo of joyful handsome man driving convertible car by seaside as one of the richest celebrities in the world
What would you do if you were one of the richest celebrities in the world? Source: Adobe Stock.

You’ve certainly seen one (or several) movies directed by him. Steven Spielberg has several films on the Top 100 list in history, including Schindler’s List, E.T. – The Extraterrestrial, Indiana Jones, and Jurrasic Park. While his $3.5 billion fortune is staggering, the amount is far less than the box office total of all his films.

George Lucas

The number one spot on our list hit the mark by producing one of the most successful franchises on the planet, earning him his $5.4 billion fortune. George Lucas is a screenwriter and film producer and has starred in the success of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. His company, “LucasFilm” was acquired by Disney in a billion-dollar deal. 

Can you imagine what kind of expensive things these celebrities could buy with this much money? Some luxury items can have unimaginable prices that only one of the richest persons in the world could buy. The following content brings you some of the most expensive things money can buy in this world.

diamond ring

The number one most expensive thing in the world

Look around and look for the most expensive thing you can see. It is nothing but a tiny fraction of the most expensive thing in the world.

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