Kate Bush is now more popular than ever

Proving once more that good songs are timeless, Kate Bush and her classic tune “Running Up That Hill” are all everyone’s listening to now, and all due to an episode on the new season of “Stranger Things”. Read more below.


The singer had her hit song “Running Up That Hill” feature in a pivotal moment of Netflix’s series “Stranger Things”.

Kate Bush
Kate Bush songs are charting again after years. Source: Adobe Stock.

In a career span of almost 50 years, it’s quite possible that Kate Bush is experiencing a bigger global popularity now than ever before. And that is all due to Netflix’s fan-favorite series “Stranger Things” using the artist’s 1985 hit track “Running Up That Hill” as a crucial plot device in its latest season. 

Bush is well known for being a reclusive character and rarely approves the use of her material for movies and television. However, she gave the green light to Netflix as it turns out, she’s a fan of the show. While Bush reached superstar status in England many moons ago, her highest chart placement on Billboard was in 1985, when “Running Up That Hill” peaked at the 30th position.

The artist has collaborated with legends such as Price and Peter Gabriel in the past. Some of her most famous songs include “Wuthering Heights” and “This Woman’s Work”, the latter which gained popularity after Maxwell covered it in 1986. By the looks of it, Bush might be able to top her past chart position in the upcoming days. Based on the numbers the song has reached in the days after the new season premiere of Stranger Things, it’s all looking pretty good. 

Kate Bush is reigning in the streaming world

Kate Bush
The song increased in over 8,000% streams. Source: Adobe Stock.

According to data collected by Luminate, “Running Up That Hill” had its biggest audio consumption between Monday (May 30) and Wednesday (June 1). The song went from 12,000 streams on Sunday to almost 34,000 streams only three days later. When compared to the previous week, when the amount of streams were in the hundreds, it represented a raise of over 8,000%. Apple’s Airplay numbers are even more impressive, with an increase of almost 330% as the audience for the hit song went from close to 42,000 to 422,000 during the past week. 

The song had an 8,700% surge in global streams last Monday on Spotify. In the U.S. alone, “Running Up That Hill” increased more than 9,900% in Kate Bush’s catalog. Worldwide, the increase was close to 1,600%. On Apple Music, when compared to the same period last year, the song had a glocal stream of over 5,400%. Last Monday (May 30) was the biggest day for Kate Bush and her classic song on Apple Music. That is because it managed to reach the daily Top 100 in more than 100 countries around the world. By May 31st, “Running Up That Hill” had reached the Top 10 in 34 different countries. 

With Netflix’s “Stranger Things” still at the number one spot of the platform’s most viewed series, it’s likely that those numbers will increase even further. 

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