Spotify launches In Focus website to help musicians

Learning the do’s and don'ts in the music industry is the first step to reach stardom. Now, new artists can do so with the help of a new platform by Spotify, designed to provide all the necessary tools for musicians to build and fortify their careers. See more below!


‘In Focus’ is a platform with resources and tools to help new artists thrive in the music industry.

Spotify In Focus
Spotify’s new platform is centered in helping new artists. Source: Spotify for Artists.

Musicians, rejoice! Spotify has launched a new tool that will help all struggling artists to find their way within the music industry. Named ‘In Focus’, the portal works as an interactive career advice platform for newcomers. Spotify says that the reason behind the launch is to help new artists to achieve their goals in the industry. 

Through the In Focus website, users can choose 21 focus segments across five career settings. The ones included by Spotify are “connect, create, earn, learn and promote”. For each of the five categories, In Focus will recommend the resources and tools to help the artists accomplish their career goals. With the guidance of educational materials, everyone should be able to make the most of every stage in their careers. 

The company claims that their Spotify for Artists is intent on putting artists at the center of the music industry. By providing them the resources and insights they need, they should be able to build a thriving fanbase within Spotify. Spotify also mentions other tools like Canvas and the Soundtrap Capture app. Both can offer other resources and give more control to the artists.

In addition to these tools, there’s also a feature called ‘Marquee’. It works basically as Spotify’s paid for recommendation tool. With it, labels can pay Spotify in order for the music streaming service to advertise priority releases to the platform’s user base. In a blog post talking about the new In Focus website, Spotify said it was like having a pocket-sized manager. Meaning the resources it provides should arm artists with all the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their goals. 

How does the Spotify ‘In Focus’ work?

Spotify In Focus
How does the platform work? Source: Spotify for Artists.

By accessing the ‘In Focus’ webpage, the artist will be able to see the five career categories. They are all pre-defined by Spotify. The five options are “connect, create, earn, learn and promote”. These categories provide a series of tools on everything regarding the music industry. From “how to improve your songwriting” to “how to get more fans”. In the “earn revenue as an artist” subcategory, there are many sub-sections that include tips on how to make money. That means how to sell concert tickets and more merchandising. It also entails how to earn royalties in streaming services and how to understand the music business. 

By clicking the “earn streaming royalties” tab, users will learn useful insights shared by Spotify on how everything works. The company states that since royalties are responsible for almost two-thirds of the global music business, all artists have to make sure of how that system works. It’s important to have the right label and take all precautions to get their share.

Spotify For Artists’ Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Rob Fink, said that the company understands just how complex the music industry is nowadays. Because of that, they’re always talking to artists to learn about their aspirations and their biggest questions about their journeys. He added that In Focus is a result of all the feedback. 

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