Binance and The Weeknd to launch the first crypto sponsored world tour

The integration between cryptocurrencies and the entertainment industry is alive and well, it seems. On July 8, The Weeknd will begin his first crypto-sponsored world tour in a partnership with Binance. Read more about it below!


by Aline Barbosa

06/04/2022 | Updated on 06/06/2022

The new partnership promises an enhanced and unique experience for fans.

Binance and The Weeknd will launch the first crypto world tour. Source: Adobe Stock.

Even with the current crypto market conditions, it appears that its integration with the entertainment industry is just beginning. On July 8, pop superstar The Weeknd will start his new ‘After Hours Til Dawn’ world tour in Canada. According to an announcement by The Weeknd himself, his new stadium tour will be the first world concert tour to use Web 3.0 technology in order to provide an enhanced experience for the fans. The company behind the integration is one of the most famous exchanges in the world – Binance. Now, the company is The Weeknd’s tour official sponsor. 

To make it all happen, Binance is teaming up with HXOUSE. This Toronto-based company labels itself as a community incubator and think-center for creative traders. With its help, Binance is releasing a brand new and exclusive collection of NFTs for the tour. Not only that, but there’ll also be a series of co-branded merchandise. Attendees can also get access to a commemorative set of NFTs through their virtual stubs.

The partnership between Binance and The Weeknd comes after last week’s news that the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, Binance Labs, closed a $500 million investment fund. The exchange stated that this new fund is reserved for investments in projects that can increase the use of crypto and instigate the promotion of Web 3.0 and other blockchain tech. 

Binance to donate $2 million to charity

Binance will support The Weeknd’s XO Humanitarian Fund. Source: Adobe Stock.

Earlier this year, The Weeknd launched the XO Humanitarian Fund as a United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Global Goodwill Ambassador. In the announcement for the tour sponsorship, Binance stated that it will donate $2 million to the cause. Which is administered by the WFP (World Food Programme) USA. In addition to the donation, the artist and the exchange are designing a NFT collection. According to them, 5% of its revenue should go directly to the Humanitarian Fund. 

When asked about the partnership, The Weeknd said it was impressed by Binance’s focus on innovative edge and its users. He said that the company truly is all about the community it built and about inclusion. For him, it made sense to form the partnership, and he’s eager to see fans experiencing cryptocurrencies within a creative output. He believes that this is just the beginning, since there are many possibilities with crypto. 

In addition to the artist’s statement, Yi He (Binance’s co-founder) says the company is excited to be an exclusive crypto sponsor to the tour. She believes this is an important step in giving the fans an opportunity to interact with cryptocurrencies in a different avenue. Since crypto is basically community-centric, Binance believes this new partnership will embody just that. Which includes empowering artists and supporting different causes through a mainstream platform. 

Moreover, Spotify has recently launched a career advice portal for newcomers. Dubbed In Focus, the platform’s main objective is to assist new musicians and music groups to achieve their goals in the music industry. Follow the link below to learn more about it!


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