Netflix is considering changing to weekly releases

Netflix introduced the world to the “binge” method of watching TV shows by releasing their original series all at once. Now that might be coming to an end. Read on to learn more!


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 09/20/2022

The streaming giant might shift to a one-episode-a-week format to keep up with the competition.

Netflix weekly releases
Netflix might change its release format. Source: Adobe Stock.

In the streaming business world, the word of law is either adapt or perish. With so many options today, some of the biggest platforms had to make change after change to keep up with their competitors. Now the most popular streaming site might have to follow suit as Netflix is considering weekly releases for their most popular shows. 

If you’ve been keeping up with streaming platform news since the start of 2022, you know things have gotten pretty bleak to some of them. While people now have more original content to enjoy than ever before, execs have to constantly figure out different ways to keep subscribers watching their content every day. 

The streaming service who’s been through the most so far is undoubtedly Netflix. Once the Blockbuster killer and household name for TV and film, the company had to keep reinventing itself throughout the year in order to contain its massive drop in subscribers. 

So according to Puck Newsletter, Netflix is now considering weekly releases. Although the shift will likely not affect all of its titles, some might get a one-episode-a-week release format soon. The classic pattern was established with network television and is one that many other platforms employ to keep viewers tuning in every week. 

So why change now?

Back when Netflix gained more popularity, the company decided to release every new season of their original series all at once. That would give more power to the viewers and they could choose the pace that they were going to watch these shows. 

The problem is that the format worked well when the streaming giant reigned supreme. Now, the company’s CEO and his team of executives came to realize that this model ends up harming their original content. Netflix’s competitors have clearly reaped many benefits from weekly releases from their series and the main reason for that is as simple as it gets.

When you have a show go on for several weeks, it engages the viewers for a much longer period. Word of mouth ends up attracting more subscribers and people have time to discuss what they just watched. When Netflix releases a new season of a big hit like Stranger Things all at once, people engage for one or two weeks and then it’s on to the next show. 

Adapt to survive

Netflix shifting to weekly releases is not the first sign the streaming giant has shown in regards to changing its strategy to stay on top. Earlier this year, the company announced a cheaper, ad-supported alternative to lure back its subscribers. On top of that, the streamer has also spaced out the release of some of its most acclaimed shows. 

Its popular reality series Love is Blind and The Circle are now released in small batches of episodes throughout the month. Not only that, but big names like Money Heist, Ozark and Stranger Things had their latest seasons divided in two parts. Surely a move to keep fans engaged for a longer period. 

For the viewer, these alleged Netflix weekly releases might be a good thing. For one, it doesn’t force subscribers to binge a show in order to avoid spoilers on social media. Two, spacing out a season is a great strategy to increase the show’s popularity. That’s because it gets more people talking about it and theorizing about the story as it develops. 

Netflix is undoubtedly responsible for changing the way people watch television forever. But it’s time for the streaming giant to shift their ways to avoid losing more subscribers and the viewer’s interest. If Netflix goes through with weekly releases, it’ll be a step forward in a game they themselves set in motion. 

What are the best original Netflix series?

Netflix weekly releases
What are the best Netflix originals? Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’re new to Netflix, there’s still time to catch up on their original content before the streaming giant changes its schedule. Follow the link below to learn which of their original series top our favorite’s rank and get ready for new and exciting adventures.

best original netflix series

What are the best original Netflix series?

There are plenty of great shows on Netflix and if you're trying to decide what to watch next, here's a list of five originals that make for an entertaining night in.

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