What are the best original Netflix series?

There are plenty of great shows on Netflix and if you're trying to decide what to watch next, here's a list of five originals that make for an entertaining night in. Read on for more!


by Aline Barbosa

Published on 06/18/2022

Here’s a list of five Netflix originals that you don’t want to miss.

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When it comes to original content, no other streaming platform puts out nearly as many as Netflix does. Movies, series, documentaries – the streaming giant’s got it all. However, as we all know, quantity does not equate to quality. The company’s been guilty of releasing a few mediocres programs in the past, but there are also a great number of amazing and entertaining series for everyone to enjoy. So, what are the best original Netflix series? 

With captivating storylines and unforgettable characters, we bring you five shows that are sure to grab your attention and make for a great binge weekend this summer. From teen adventures to thrilling suspenses, these shows have what it takes to keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Ozark is a suspenseful drama that will keep you on your feet. After a money-laundering scheme for a drug cartel goes terribly wrong, financial advisor Marty Byrde has to atone for his actions and proposes to set up a bigger operation in the Ozarks. He then relocates his family from Chicago to Missouri to complete the deal. Throughout the series, he finds himself entangled with criminals as he tries to keep his family safe. 

The show’s thrilling pace is sure to keep you entertained all the way through. Ozark is the kind of show that just when you think things are going well, the unexpected happens and turns everything around. It is undoubtedly one of the best original Netflix series. 


From the masterful horror lens of David Fincher, Mindhunter is based on a true crime book by the same name. The story follows two FBI agents who team up with a psychologist to create a new research project. The purpose is to interview jailed serial killers in order to better understand their minds and solve their cases. 

A truly addictive series, Mindhunter is a deliciously dark and entertaining true crime show. Not only that, but a lot of the storylines of the show are actually based on real events that happened throughout the years. 


best original netflix series
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Narcos’ original premise revolves around the story of one of the most dangerous and charismatic criminals in the world: Pablo Escobar. The series shows how Escobar rose to power as a drug kingpin and the biggest cocaine manufacturer in the 70’s. The entire show is told from the perspective of an American DEA agent working in Colombia to apprehend Escobar. 

Wagner Moura shines as Escobar and manages to captivate viewers with his charm. Even though we know the “King of Cocaine” was a terrible person, it’s hard not to be drawn by the character’s charisma. The show goes on for two more seasons, but season one will remain one of the best original Netflix series. 

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House is an adaptation from Shirley Jackson’s novel by the same name. One of the best horror stories of the past decade, the story follows the Crain family. After a traumatic event, they’re forced to reunite at their childhood home and relive their past in order to try and make sense of what happened. 

The show is one of the best original Netflix series not just because of how well it’s executed, but because it’s not your typical horror story. While the main plot is about the paranormal activities surrounding the house, the show also tackles important topics like mental illness, grief and substance abuse. 

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is without a doubt Netflix’s most popular show, and for good reason. The series follows a group of kids in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. After a series of paranormal events, they befriend a girl with superpowers who’s somehow connected to everything that is happening in the town. 

One of the reasons Stranger Things is one of the best original Netflix series is because it appeals to people of all ages. The 80’s nostalgia mixed with a killer soundtrack and interesting storylines makes the show one of the best binge options on the platform. The first half of the fourth season premiered earlier this month, with more episodes coming in July.

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