The cheapest thing in the world in 2022: it may surprise you!

If you have just a couple of dollars in your wallet, don't worry. You can still buy the cheapest things in the world. You will find even houses on this list! Read on and buy all these affordable things.


The cheapest thing in the world you could ever find: you’ll feel rich after finding out

Woman holding a hundred dollar bill to buy cheapest thing
Will you buy the cheapest thing in the world? Source: Adobe Stock.

How much of the cheapest thing in the world you could buy with the minimum wage? A lot! Much more than you can consume in a month. And you probably have some in your pantry.


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We typically hear about the most expensive things in the world. That’s because it sounds more impressive to see 7-digit-numbers and talk about diamonds, yachts, etc.

But the is always the other side of the coin. Have you wondered what is the cheapest thing in the world in 2022? It is probably not what you’re thinking about. We will tell you next.

What’s the cheapest thing in the whole wide world this year?

The cheapest thing in the world is wheat. Yes, the simple and yet precious wheat we consume almost every day. Except if you are allergic or intolerant – which is very unfortunate.

Wheat is precious because it forms the base of the food pyramid in several cultures. Energetic and versatile, it is used to produce bread, pasta, cakes, and hundreds of other recipes all over the world.

But how cheap is it? Maybe you’re confused because you’ve heard wheat prices went up this year. And this is true. Wheat is more expensive now than it was a few years ago. 

But proportionately its price is still vastly lower than it has been in the past. Especially when you think about more than one hundred years ago when the world was still using gold coins to pay for their expenses.

Nowadays, with a minimum wage, you could buy more than 8,133 pounds of wheat in one month. You can make 5,421 loaves of bread with that much wheat.

5 things that are cheaper in 2022

person holding a silver pencil counting coins to buy cheapest thing in the world
You can definitely afford to buy these things. Source: Adobe Stock.

Let’s talk about some other things that are cheaper in 2022. We’ll work with comparison and proportion. For example, $1,000 is a lot of money, but if I offer you a car for $1,000 you would think it is insanely cheap, right?

Otherwise, we should say the cheapest thing in the world is that candy you can buy for a cent at the grocery store checkout.

We’ll list 5 of the cheapest things in the world to buy in 2022. 

The cheapest country in the world in 2022

If you’re looking for a new affordable place to live, take a look at Thailand. You can live humbly with $1,000 per month. This includes housing, food, and transportation. 

Some reports talk about an even lower cost of living, reaching $650 for basic costs. You’ll probably have to change a few (many) things in your lifestyle, but if you’re looking for a cheaper place you will reach your goal.

The cheapest new car in 2022

While there is no exact value for a second-hand car, for a new one you will pay at least $15,695. That’s the price of the Chevrolet Sparks LS

There has been a time when you could buy a new car for less than $10,000. But that time has passed.

The cheapest house in the world

You can buy a house for less than a Starbucks coffee – if you’re willing to move to Italy. 

The $1 houses in Italy became famous during the pandemic, and some people decided to try it. This is a project made by little cities in Italy that need new people to go live there to keep the city alive.

Some of these cities have overcome natural catastrophes in the past, which made the cities decline in population when people left to rebuild their lives somewhere else. 

Most houses need good repair, but it can still be way cheaper than buying a house in the U.S.

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The cheapest 5 stars hotel in the world 2022

You can stay in the luxurious Esto Sadok hotel for just $38 per night. This is cheaper than most 3 stars hotels around Europe. 

This hotel will give you an amazing view of the mountains, and if you go during the winter you can enjoy a ski adventure.

If you’re not into skiing, you can still enjoy the hotel facilities. Get yourself a massage at the spa, or enjoy a lovely summer breeze on the rooftops.

The cheapest flight in the world

To enjoy the cheapest flight in the world you have to be in Poland and willing to go to Belgium. The flight from Warsaw that take you all the way to Brussels will cost just around $11.

Seriously, what else would you buy with $11? Getting into an airplane that flies in the sky and crosses more than 700 miles in a couple of hours for less than $20 is amazing. 

This price varies according to the date you intend to travel. However, it will stay pretty close to this value with Ryanair. 

Extra: why is everything so expensive now? 

Street Sign Cheap versus Expensive
Some things are getting expensive, but there is always something getting cheaper. Source: Adobe Stock.

This post may seem a little disheartening because what we see on everyday purchases is that everything is more and more expensive every day. 

The blame is on the bad word that starts with i. Inflation has reached the highest point in the last 40 years, and everyone is waiting for the next episodes of this reality show. 

But some things have always been and will always be very expensive. Can you guess what is the most expensive thing? Think about it and read the following link to see if you got it right.

confident man with money on hands

The number one most expensive thing in the world

Look around and look for the most expensive thing you can see. It is nothing but a tiny fraction of the most expensive thing in the world.

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