Google Maps has a new feature that will check the vibe of your destination

On Wednesday, Google unveiled a series of updates and new features to its Google Maps tool that are sure to benefit its users. Read on to learn what they are!


The new search engine is supposed to enhance the company’s tools with immersion.

Google Maps
Meet the upcoming features on Google Maps. Source: Adobe Stock.

Google held its Search On event last Wednesday and presented a significant update to Google Maps. Soon, you’ll be able to check the “vibe” of your destination with a new feature called Neighborhood Vibe. The idea behind the update is to provide user reviews of the unknown area you’re visiting.

An announcement on Google’s blog says that the vibe of a neighborhood is determined by a combination of Artificial Intelligence and local knowledge from over 20 million Google Maps users who contribute to the map every day. 

The new feature will roll out in the upcoming months for both Android and iOS devices. However, you can already check some of its footprints on Google Maps. Whenever you’re exploring a new area, tap the Explore button and you should see the latest local guide reviews. 

Another interesting feature that’s coming to Google Maps is its immersive view, which the company teased earlier this year. Now, instead of doing the usual drag and pan around the Street View two-dimensional settings to check what’s nearby, you’ll have photorealistic 3D aerial representations.

With it, you’ll be able to see famous landmarks around the globe and have access to features like nearby parking lots or how you can enter a venue. This is surely a new and fun way to “vibe check” what these famous landmarks really look like and what’s around them. 

However, the new feature on Google Maps is a direct competitor to one added to Apple Maps in 2021 for iOS users. 

Immersive Search and Live Search coming soon to Google Maps

Google Maps
Soon you’ll be able to use immersive and Live search. Source: Adobe Stock.

This Google Maps immersive feature will begin to roll out in the coming months, but only in select cities. For now, only users in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and London will have access to it. If you do live in one of those places, you can now update your Google Maps app on your phone and have a little preview of what’s to come. 

For now, there are about 250 static aerial views you can check in the beta version of immersive mode. While they are not entirely true to what the company’s planning to release, it’s a nice preview of what’s coming next. 

A user who updated the app and tried out immersion around San Francisco reported that the current view is limited to a panning video. That means it’s impossible to interact with. However, when the full experience comes out later this year, users will be able to fully interact with the 3D area surrounding them. 

Last, and certainly not least, Google says that users will also be able to use the search feature on Google Maps with Live View. That will give them the opportunity to explore new areas with augmented reality.

Live View will also highlight useful places you might be looking for, like ATMs and supermarkets. This new feature will come out in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris and Tokyo by the end of 2022. 

The first big Windows 11 update is live

Speaking of updates, Microsoft recently released its first major Windows 11 update. Check the link below to learn about the new features and why it’s important for you to update your software as soon as possible. 

new Windows 11 update

The new Windows 11 update is here

If you’re a Windows user, this article is for you. Last Tuesday, Microsoft released its biggest Windows 11 update yet, and the new features are sure to impress everyone.

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