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Avant Credit Card review: No Hidden Fees or Security Deposits

This card is one of the best credit-building products on the market. Check out this Avant Credit Card review and find out why!


Avant Credit Card: The Best Way to Build Your Credit

Read this review to see how this credit-building card works. Source: The News Stacker.

This card is a top contender for those looking to build their credit score, with its inclusion on multiple best-in-market lists. Check out this Avant Credit Card review and find out why!

Avant Credit Card

How to apply for the Avant Credit Card

Don't let your credit score keep you from getting the things you need. Apply for the Avant Credit Card and get the credit you deserve!

  • Credit Score: You can qualify with a fair credit socre
  • Annual Fee: $59
  • Intro offer: None
  • Rewards:  None
  • APRs: There is a 29.24% Variable
  • Other Fees: 3% cash advance fee and a $39 max late fee.

Avant Credit Card is quickly being recognized as one of the best credit-building products on the market due to its generous features, modest fees, and commitment to responsible credit use. 

Avant cards come with no hidden fees or security deposits, and holders can pre-qualify without damaging their credit scores. 

This card also reports your activity to all three main credit bureaus, ensuring that timely payments and other positive changes to your score are regularly updated. 

Avant’s range of benefits has earned it a spot on many lists that highlight great credit-building solutions. Read this Avant Credit Card review today and learn everything you need to know about their product.

Avant Credit Card: What can you expect?

The Avant Credit Card is brought to you by WebBank, Member FDIC. 

Unlike a secured card which requires an upfront deposit, the unsecured Avant does not need any money down! 

You will be given an initial spending limit of $300, and certainly, there are no activation or monthly fees with this card either – plus foreign transactions are fee-free! 

However, those borrowing from this source should prepare accordingly due to its high variable APR at 29.24%. 

Last but not least, your payments on the credit line can bolster up all three major reporting bureaus in America if done responsibly.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

No security deposit needed. Source: The News Stacker.

Not sure if this card is right for you? Keep reading our Avant Credit Card review and find out! We’ll examine all of its unique features, as well as any potential drawbacks.

Our report will help guide your decision-making so you can get a card tailored perfectly to meet your specific financial needs!


  • Builds credit history with responsible use by reporting to all three major credit bureaus
  • This card does not require a security deposit, saving you money upfront
  • Offers pre-qualification with no risk to your credit score, setting it apart from other unsecured cards
  • You can qualify for this card even with a fair credit score;


  • Charges an annual fee ($0 to $59, depending on factors, such as your creditworthiness) that can be higher than alternative cards
  • The low starting credit limit of $300 can make it difficult to maintain a good credit utilization ratio
  • Unlike rival cards with lower costs, this card offers no rewards program

What are the eligibility requirements?

The Avant credit card offers the chance for individuals with fair or average credit and a range of FICO scores (580-669) or VantageScore (601 -660) to open a new door toward greater economic freedom. 

Plus, you can prequalify without any hard pulls from major bureaus, so no worries about having an unfavorable impact on your current standing!

Learn how to request the Avant Credit Card

Got your eye on this card after our Avant Credit Card review? Let us show you how to apply for it quickly and easily. 

Follow our link for a comprehensive guide that will ensure all your questions are answered so you can be approved with confidence! 

Avant Credit Card

How to apply for the Avant Credit Card

Don't let your credit score keep you from getting the things you need. Apply for the Avant Credit Card and get the credit you deserve!

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