Oldest pets in the world: 5 animals who refused to die

An old dog can still learn new tricks. Check out this list of the oldest pets in the world to see which ones are still strong!


Some of these pets outlived their owners!

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How long can a Pet live? Read on to find out. Source: Adobe Stock.

Pets have been a part of human life for centuries, and their roles have varied widely throughout history. Let’s know the oldest pets in the world.

In ancient times, pets were symbols of status and power and were often treated more like royalty than family members. 

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Today, however, the role of pets has changed dramatically. They are now typically seen as family members and confidants, and they are often treated with the same love and respect that we give to our human friends and relatives. 

Pets provide us with companionship, love, and support, often playing a vital role in our lives.

Although many people consider their pets to be family members, very few keep pets that are as old as some of the members of our families.

In fact, only a handful of animals in the world have managed to live through more than a decade. 

If you’re curious about which pets are the oldest in the world, keep reading. You might be surprised at some of the creatures on this list!

The 5 longest living pets

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Some pets live longer than their owners. Source: Adobe Stock.

As any pet owner knows, our furry friends make us feel young and alive. But did you know that some animal species have incredibly long lifespans?

Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to ensure they have enough food and water, but you also have to ensure they’re taken care of when you’re not around. 

Surprisingly, some people take this responsibility so seriously that they’ve decided to keep the same pet for their entire life. Here are 5 of the oldest pets in the world.

Oldest Living Dog

Funny, the miniature dachshund is officially the oldest dog in the world. At 21 years and 169 days old, Funny has beaten the previous record holder by nearly three months. 

What’s even more impressive is that Funny is well above average for her breed – most miniature dachshunds only live to be 12-16 years old. So how has Funny managed to defy the odds?

The credit goes to her owner, who meticulously cared for her throughout her life. Funny has always been fed a healthy diet, given plenty of exercises, and received regular veterinary checkups.

In recent years, as Funny has begun to slow down, her owner has made sure to adjust her lifestyle accordingly. For example, she now gets shorter walks and spends more time lounging around the house. 

This careful attention to detail has certainly paid off – at 21 years old, and Funny is still going strong!

While 21 years is certainly impressive, it’s not the oldest age ever recorded for a dog. That honor goes to an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who lived to be 29 years and 5 months old. 

So while Funny may be one of the oldest pets in the world, she’s got a long way to go before she’s the oldest dog!

Oldest Living Cat

a lovely old cat pet
Can you imagine a cat living more than 3 decades? Source: Adobe Stock.

Pets are always giving us reasons to be proud of them. They can achieve amazing things, from breaking records to becoming famous. 

Recently, the oldest living cat siblings made headlines for their impressive feat. These twins, named Pika and Zippo, have a combined age of 42 years and 354 days. That makes them the oldest living cat siblings in the world! 

And they’re not even the oldest cats around – that record is by a cat named Creme Puff, who lived to an impressive 38 years and 3 days.

So next time your kitty does something special, remember they’re part of a long line of amazing felines!

Oldest Fish

Who doesn’t love a good goldfish story? And this one is a whopper. Tish the goldfish was born in 1956 and lived to be 43 years old, making her one of the oldest pet fish in the world. 

Her owner, Joyce Swingle, took meticulous care of her, changing her water regularly and feeding her a healthy diet. 

Tish even outlived several of her tank mates, including a frog and a turtle. When she finally passed away in 1999, she left behind a legacy as one of the oldest and most beloved goldfish in history.

Oldest Horse

Old Billy, a horse, born in 1760, was the oldest living animal in the world when he died in 1822 at 62. Billy was foaled in Suffolk, England, and was owned by several different people throughout his life. 

He spent most of his life working as a dray horse, carrying heavy cargo loads. In 1814, he retired from work and spent the rest of his days’ grazing in a field.

Billy was famous for his long life and is in The Guinness Book of World Records. 

Oldest Rabbit

In 1982, a little gray rabbit named Flopsy became the oldest known pet in the world. At the time of her death, she was at least 18 years and 10 months old. 

That’s quite an impressive feat for any animal, but it’s especially impressive for a rabbit with a lifespan of only about 10 years. When Flopsy was born, the average lifespan of a domestic rabbit was just five years. 

So how did this little rabbit live more than three times as long as her counterparts? According to her owner, it was all thanks to a diet of fresh vegetables and a healthy dose of love and attention.

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