Learn all about Instagram Quiet Mode

Instagram has a new feature called Quiet Mode that allows users to silence notifications on demand. You can toggle on and off whenever you want, and use it to help you focus on important tasks. Read on to learn more!


See what the new feature can do and how it can help you reduce screen time.

Instagram Quiet Mode
Learn about Instagram’s new feature. Source: Instagram.

Admit it: You probably spent too much time scrolling through Instagram when you should’ve been asleep. Chances are you even tried to use features like Do Not Disturb to decrease your screen time before bed. But you don’t need to shut down your phone just to keep those DMs away! Instagram now offers Quiet Mode.

The new feature allows you to silence your notifications and keep the DMs away without having to shut down your phone completely. You can silence your notifications and cut down distractions whenever you want.

The new Instagram Quiet Mode came out on January 19 of this year. Adam Mosseri, the app’s head chief, introduced it in a Reel and explained what the resource does. According to Mosseri, you can now set your Instagram account to Quiet Mode to avoid distractions.

Users can take advantage of the new tool for quiet quitting whenever they want without having to physically delete the app from their phones. 

When you activate the features, you put your DMs on silent. If another user tries to message you while it’s on, they’ll get an alert saying you weren’t notified about the message because your Instagram is currently on Quiet Mode. 

Other than DMs, you won’t get any like, comment, or follow notifications either. Don’t worry about the fear of missing out, though. Instagram says that once you’re out of Quiet Mode, you’ll get a summary of everything you’ve missed while you were out. 

Mosseri says you can still send messages and use Instagram while you’re on Quiet Mode. The difference is that in Quiet Mode, you won’t be able to see your notifications in real time. 

The feature also allows users to select how long they want to be in Quiet Mode for. That way, you can time it with your bedtime, an important meeting, and much more.

So how can you turn on Instagram Quiet Mode?

Instagram Quiet Mode
See how to use Instagram’s Quiet Mode. Source: Instagram.

You can easily set your Instagram account to Quiet Mode if you want to. To use the feature, just open the app and click on your profile. Then, tap the menu icon on the top right, go to settings, then notifications, and select Quiet Mode. Toggle on it and set the time you want.

After doing this, a little badge will show up near your icon signaling that you’re currently on Quiet Mode. If you’d like to turn notifications back on, you can do so anytime by following the steps above. 

So if you’re trying to cut down on your screen time, or if you don’t want anything bothering you while you’re doing important work, the new Instagram Quiet Mode is sure to help you achieve that with ease.

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