An 85-year Harvard study found the No. 1 thing that makes us happy in life

What if we told you there was one simple secret to a happy life? According to a Harvard study, it's more than just acquiring material possessions or traveling the world.


Discover the one thing that can make us happy

Find out what really makes us happy! Source: Canva.

Happiness seems elusive; we go through life searching for what makes us happy. Buying the newest trends, taking expensive vacations, and trying to collect all sorts of material possessions. 

But is this really the key to lasting happiness? According to an 85-year Harvard study that has been tracking life experiences since 1938, the answer may surprise you! 

This study found that humans find lasting joy solely in one factor: meaningful relationships with others. This makes us really happy! 

Keep reading this post as we explain what this research says about how forming strong connections with family and friends could offer us true contentment throughout our lives.

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What is the single most valuable factor for a satisfying life?

We all want to be happy, but how? Sure, we can buy nice things and travel the world for an experience like no other. But what about our quality of life in the big picture?

An 85-year Harvard study sought to answer this very question. What did they discover was the single most valuable factor determining a satisfying life? Read on to find out!

The key to a happy life

Happiness is right ahead! Source: Canva.

It makes us happy when we believe someone has truly understood us during a good conversation-this boost our energy and makes us feel more alive. 

On the other hand, being in a period of romantic strife can take its toll on our physical well-being, leaving us exhausted and drained. 

To ensure that our relationships are healthy and balanced, we must practice “social fitness”. Carefully allocating time to nurture connections that help us thrive while also taking stock of what areas need extra work. 

Social fitness is essential if we want positive relationships that don’t just work by themselves – it requires effort from both sides so we can be happy about it.

How to take stock of your relationships

Being connected with those around us is essential for a healthy life. We cannot survive alone but need the love and support of others in order to grow. 

Interacting with one another fulfills seven basic needs that are fundamental components of human nature to make us happy. 

With these relationship foundations firmly established, we can reach our full potential as individuals together!

Safety and security: Everyone needs someone to turn to in times of danger or distress. Who do you trust for comfort and protection when your world is threatened? Knowing who would come running if needed can give a sense of solace, no matter the time of day.

Learning and growth: Who is the driving force behind your strive for success? Who continually encourages you to take risks, explore new opportunities and march towards achieving your life’s ambitions?

Emotional closeness and confiding: Who do you turn to when your soul needs a listening ear and an understanding heart? Who is the confidante who, better than anyone else, knows what makes you tick? From your highest joys to lowest lows?

Identity affirmation and shared experience: Have you ever had someone in your life who has been with you through so many ups and downs they help remind you of the essence that makes up your identity? 

A friend like this encourages growth while embracing all parts of yourself.

Romantic intimacy: Are you feeling the spark in your romantic life? Are you finding satisfaction from being close to someone special, or is it time for more intimacy and closeness?

Help (both informational and practical): When a challenging project or tricky task arises, it can often be daunting to tackle alone. 

Fortunately, many helpful resources are available that can provide both informational and practical assistance – from planting trees to fixing your WiFi connection! 

Finding the right source of guidance for any issue is just the first step in making sure it gets solved efficiently and effectively. Including finding a way to be happy.

Fun and relaxation: Laughter is the key to a fulfilled life, so make sure you keep those who can tickle your funny bone around! 

Whether for an impromptu movie night or a spur-of-the-moment road trip, having someone special by your side will always enhance the experience and bring true relaxation. 

Who are these people that put a smile on your face?

Friends are an important source of happiness. Source: Canva.

This social support X-ray exercise is an opportunity to take a step back and look at the impact of the people around us. 

We often take for granted how much the people in our lives make us happy, provide emotional support, makes us feel safe and secure, give sound advice or push us to do something new. 

Taking stock of each type of social support can be eye-opening. Helping you identify areas where you could deepen connections with those around you. 

Even if it’s just a regular check-in conversation or a moment of devoted attention that makes someone else feel special, reaching out has never been more important than it is today. So why not start now?

Foods that make you happy – according to science!

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In the next blog post, we’ll explore the science behind why these specific foods are considered “mood enhancers”. And discuss how incorporating them into your diet can help improve your overall emotional health. 

Keep reading to discover which delicious choices may be just the medicine you need for brighter days ahead!

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Foods that make you happy – according to science!

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