The top 3 investments of celebrities: are you investing like a famous person?

Investing can make anyone richer, and celebrities want to make their money grow too. Check which types of investments celebrities are picking and see if it fits your investment style.


by Julia Bermudez

Published on 08/01/2022

Which type of investments do celebrities prefer? This post will tell you

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The top 3 investments of celebrities. Source: Freepik

To get rich like the celebrities you see on TV, you can either turn into a showbiz star or pick one of the top investments they are choosing right now. 

Nowadays, everybody is learning how to invest money. It is no different with celebrities, especially when they already have a lot of money to invest in everything they want. They can get a diversified portifólio and grant their fortunes will last forever.

But let’s see where they are majorly investing their money. After all, if it’s working for them, maybe it will work for you too. However, remember that every investment has risks, and you have to assume responsibility for it.

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Top investments made by celebrities this year: where are they putting their money?

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Many celebrities are investing in cryptocurrencies. Source: Adobe Stock.

If you’ve studied a little about finance and investing, you might already know the difference between being rich and being wealthy. To get rich, all you need to do is earn a lot of money. 

To be wealthy, however, you need to learn how to make that pile of money last forever. If you use your money wisely, it can support you and your family without you having to worry too much about your work. There will be no more insecurities regarding the maintenance of the costs of a dignified life.

Many celebrities end up making a lot of money doing movies and advertising. However, it may be that their fame comes to an end. For one reason or another, celebrities sometimes stop being celebrities.

Thus, the source of money runs out. If these people don’t learn how to invest their money, they may be left without. Don’t doubt a bon vivant’s ability to reduce a fortune of millions to zero – or even a negative balance.

The smartest celebrities are already investing their money. Let’s learn about some of these investments that are successful among the most famous people in the world.

NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens)

If you still don’t understand what an NFT is, you might be wasting your time. Despite the cryptocurrency market being unstable and, at the moment, somewhat unpredictable, it continues to attract investors.

The NFT market is especially strong among celebrities. These works end up generating a desire for their status.

The most expensive collections are reserved for the top 1% in the world, and many want to be part of this club. Many celebrities have even launched their own collections of NFTs.

Get to know some collections of NFTs that are grooving among celebrities:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: Developed by Yuga Labs, it is certainly the most famous NFT collection right now. These apes are almost a synonym for NFT, just like Bitcoin is for cryptocurrencies. This club has some distinguished members, like Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dog, and Madonna. 
  • NBA Top Shot: Is this collection an advancement of the old NBA player sticker albums? Now you can exclusively buy a recorded moment of some impressive shot from the NBA games. You can be lucky enough to buy a pack that contains a rare bid, just like with the stickers.
  • Dribblie: This is one of the first and most successful play-to-earn NFTs. Developers promise to keep prices stable and prevent inflation. You become a football manager who must lead your team to success. 

Real Estate

mansion in miami
A house owned by a celebrity will increase its value. Source: Adobe Stock.

One of the most traditional forms of investment, it remains one of the celebrities’ favorites. After all, one of the secrets to being a successful investor is having a diversified portfolio.

For example, Leonardo DiCaprio also has a good amount of money invested in real estate and also other investments you’ll see on this list.

In this case, there is even an exclusive advantage of being a celebrity. The fact that real estate is owned by celebrities makes them very valuable. That’s why it’s one of the favorite ways of investing for celebrities.


Celebrities have a big influence on the stock market. As they have influence in the media, they can speak well or badly of a certain company and make its shares appreciate or depreciate.

We had an interesting example when a famous football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, refused a bottle of Coca-Cola during a press conference. This small gesture caused the company to lose billions of dollars worth of its stock.

Investing in stocks is also a way to send a message about the kind of world we want to finance. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, invests in sustainable companies that develop renewable energy and other ways to protect the environment.

Actor Ashton Kutcher is also a successful investor. He has more than 50 different investments in his portfolio and shares in several companies.

He has already invested in companies that have become giants, including Airbnb and Uber. The actor also invested in a lucrative business with his wife Mila Kunis, but in the cryptocurrency area.

Actress Katy Perry does not have such a varied portfolio. However, her sure investments have already made her a billionaire after investing some less than half a million dollars.

Some companies capture the attention of celebrities and receive their investments because of their disruptive ideas. The Impossible company’s mission is to develop plant-based foods without the use of any animal-derived ingredients.

This certainly attracts the attention of the vegetarian and vegan audience. This lifestyle is gaining more and more supporters, and celebrities have become advocates for the cause.

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We’ve made a list with some of the best books about investments for beginners, Pick one and start your investing career the right way.

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